June 2016


We had our back porch stained on Wednesday, June 1st. It turned out pretty well, although the lighter color inside the border didn’t take as well in some areas. The guy said that’s dependent on the concrete. We ventured to Costco as a family in the afternoon. Welcome, Wyatt, to our thing with Costco! The Mia Maids from our Young Women’s group visited Wyatt and me in the evening, bringing us this cute baby quilt that they made:


I made a note in my calendar that I took a nice walk with all the kids on the 2nd. After giving birth, it always feels good to me to get back up and about with no one living inside my stomach anymore. Our Bishop from church and his wife (who I also served with in Young Women’s) stopped by for a visit in the afternoon, and to bring a lovely basket of food for dinner. Wyatt had a doctor appointment in the morning on Friday, where he weighed in at 9lbs 8oz. (He was 10 days old.)

I left Maisy and Quincy with my mom for the day and took the baby to the office for the afternoon.


My family went boating in the evening, so Nate took the big kids and I stayed back to snuggle Wyatt at Tara’s house (who was kind enough to stay home to hang out with me).

It started raining cats and dogs afterwards, so we had a sort of scary drive home in our boat, I mean van. Nate’s boss sent us a pretty flower arrangement in a little red wagon to help celebrate Wyatt:


My dad was called to be a counselor in the presidency of their new stake (being created as boundaries were changing up north), so there was a special stake conference for that the morning of Sunday, June 5th, followed by the setting apart of the various leaders and a special luncheon with the visiting General Authority. For Laney’s birthday on Monday, June 6th, the family went boating in the evening. Wyatt and I met them for dinner after work at Boathouse Grill.



On Wednesday the 8th, we hung out at home in the morning and Maisy practiced her letters. After she’d shown so much interest in reading, Nate bought us the book Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, and we started it in June. She’s a good girl, our Maisy.



The kids and I went to Chick-fil-A for lunch and then to the Thinkery for the rest of the afternoon, where I had to hold Wyatt the entire time because I’d forgotten to bring a carrier or stroller, oops! Luckily he was super cuddly and sleepy, and everyone had fun so the outing was a success, albeit a tiring one for Mommy. Happy two weeks of life to Wyatt!


After a day of laundry for me and yard work for Nate on Saturday the 11th, we had a spontaneous barbecue and Zootopia movie watching party at our house with the family. Kenzie was in town, and all the adults enjoyed the movie just as much as the kids.


We continued snuggling baby Wyatt every chance we got:



By Tuesday the 14th, Wyatt’s umbilical cord remnant had fallen off. He had his first shower, which is always a highlight in our family. He had a baby bath the next day and has shown an exceptional affinity for the water since the beginning. Poppy joked that he was going to be a swimmer since he loves the water and his bum is so tiny!

My calendar says that Nate went to Dallas for work on the 14th and 15th, but I have pictures of him with Wyatt on the 14th and a note that he bought a plastic pool for the kids on the 15th… So, if he did go to Dallas, it must’ve been only for the night and not too much of either day. The kids cooled down in the pool while Wyatt and I swung sleepily in the shade of the porch.


Laney and Cory went to Florida the weekend of June 17-20, so their kids stayed with my parents. My mom brought them to our house on Saturday the 18th to play outside, then we had family dinner afterwards for Father’s Day (which was the next day).



These pictures were taken on Dad’s Day:



On Monday the 20th, the kids and I went visiting teaching in the afternoon, then we went boating with the family for FHE. The only lifejacket we had for Wyatt was Maisy’s as a baby, but Wyatt didn’t seem phased by the pink ladyfish look.



We kept on snuggling, and Maisy kept working on her letters:



On Saturday the 25th, the kids played in the water outside and washed their picnic table. I snapped a couple pictures of the flowers blooming, and Wyatt charmed us with his baby style. We picked up Thai takeout for dinner, and Nate and I watched a movie together in the evening after several weeks of watching MasterChef Junior with the kids.



I baked some goodies in the afternoon of Sunday the 26th, but I made a funny note in my calendar that the kids weren’t “goodies.” I said it was the start of a “naughty week” for the kids. I don’t remember what they did, but I imagine there was likely some acting out by two kids who’d spent almost three years as the only’s and now were having to share parental attention with a newcomer. Understandable reaction, however subconscious it was. Here are some Quincy happenings from June, handsome brown-eyed-boy:


Maisy went to Emma’s Little Sprouts summer camp the week of the 27th, and she loved reconnecting with her friends from preschool! Emma did a great job. There was a theme every day, there were science experiments, and there was fun in the water. Q joined for some of the fun.


The Ben & Jerry’s truck came to the office the afternoon of Wednesday the 29th, so since we’d gone up north for that, we stayed for dinner at Chipotle with my mom, Tara, and Tyson.


Life was good. I try to remind myself often, especially when I feel tired or low on patience (or both), that these are the days to remember!



Nate will be the first to point out that no one cares what our family eats. Since I don’t record our family’s life for other people, though, I won’t feel bad indulging in a record of some of the meals we ate in June:

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