April 2016


Before work on Friday, April 1st, the kids and I went with my mom to Lowe’s and Home Depot to get some flowers for spring planting. The next day, Nate worked in the yard while I prepped freezer food inside. We played General Conference out on the patio speakers and had it on the TV inside, and the kids played with Daddy in between sessions. I made a note that we started the new Star Wars movie in the evening, so we must not have been able to finish it due to the sometimes involved nature of bedtime in our household.

Nate’s aunt Tracy and uncle Dave were in town, so they came over with the Barnes and the Steeds for Sunday afternoon General Conference and dinner. It’s not everyday that you have dinner guests who make the meal!


The first week of April, we went to Costco on Monday for family night. Quincy woke up in the middle of Tuesday night with croup, so unfortunately he was sick all week. Poor little dude.


For our day off on Wednesday, we mostly stayed home, playing in the backyard in between loads of laundry. Following afternoon naps, we ventured out to HEB for groceries, and we ended the evening with a game of Candy Land as a family. On Thursday, Nate and I went to the wholesale nursery with my mom before work, and we did yard work over the weekend. I love springtime in Austin!



Quincy was still pretty under the weather on Sunday, so Nate took him home from church after sacrament meeting. Maisy took her turn being sick on Monday and Tuesday the 11th and 12th with high fevers. There are countless reasons that I’m glad my mom watches my kids while I work, and only one of them is being able to take feverish kids there to rest on Mimi’s couch (which I couldn’t do elsewhere). By Wednesday the 13th, everyone was fever-free and feeling mostly better. We got out the Play-Doh in the morning, treated ourselves to TCBY in the afternoon, and then stopped by Target for an errand.


Quincy can’t seem to catch a break, though, because as soon as he was over the croup, the growing pains started. He was up in the middle of Wednesday night needing his legs rubbed and lots of cuddles in Mom and Dad’s bed. I don’t remember having growing pains as a kid, but our kiddos get them fairly often in their legs and feet. It’s not altogether surprising since they basically grow an inch every 3-4 months, but it’s painful for them and sad for us parents. Nate had a conference in Washington, DC starting Thursday.


On the way home from work that evening, the kids and I picked up Chick-fil-A and ate it in the car so I could go directly to a Relief Society activity that provided childcare. We went to dinner with my family on Friday night, and we enjoyed nice weather and more yard work on Saturday the 16th after Nate was home.

On Sunday the 17th, I indulged in a nap with Quincy in the afternoon. Nate put up the fans we’d previously purchased for the upstairs bedrooms, and he took Maisy with him on some church visits. I made a calendar note that after dinner and cleaning up in the evening, I was totally wiped out – even after sleeping in the afternoon. At almost 34 weeks pregnant and with a planet of a belly, fatigue wasn’t uncommon. I tried to push through it to maximize my remaining time to get things done. I felt like after having a third child, I’d maybe never get anything done ever again.


On Wednesday, I over-scheduled our day off in my habitual optimism about time and what it will allow. We had a consultation in the morning about getting our porch stained, then I took the kids visiting teaching. We also got visited in the afternoon, and we got in some craft and playing time.


In the evening, I trashed our kitchen making a triple batch of lasagna that required a grocery run in the middle of the madness due to an expired batch of lasagna noodles that literally disintegrated when I cooked them. To top it off, Maisy’s fever returned with full force and I didn’t realize it until right as we were getting in the car to go to the grocery store. Sheesh. There are some moments when you wish your husband could warp speed home from work! We all had a pretty rough night.

With the weeks counting down until baby day, we decided it was time to take action on our mini van mission. After quite a bit of discussion, research, and searching online, Nate went looking at vans on Saturday the 23rd and came home with Gus, our family swagger wagon. I am definitely one of those people who said a million times that I’d never get a mini van, and then I just had to have a mini van, and I love my mini van. Go figure! I don’t know at what point practicality and comfort began to reign supreme for me, but I think it might’ve been the first road trip that I participated in with more than 2 kids in carseats. The only thing I hate about our van is the HondaLink system. It’s horrible, let’s be honest, but I try not to dwell on it because Apple CarPlay would’ve only been available in a brand new Kia Sedona.


Sometime on Gus’s birthday into our family, I walked around the yard taking pictures of the spring gardening progress. We actually lost multiple plants during the freezes this winter, so I’m looking forward to revitalizing the yard again this spring – it’s just around the corner!

On Wednesday the 27th, the kids and I went to Chipotle for lunch, then to the Thinkery for the afternoon, and to TCBY afterwards. I had a jam extravaganza that evening, making 6 batches of strawberry freezer jam. Nate was kind enough to put the kids to bed while I jammed. As I look back on these notes now, I sometimes feel like I’m reading about some other hormone-influenced crazy pregnant lady, but… it’s me.

Some of the Liddiard family was in town Wednesday the 27th through Monday, May 2nd to go to the drag races in Houston, so that was nice. I worked a bit but not a lot since my mom was hosting and unavailable to babysit, so I did some needed baby prepping on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday, I took Maisy to meet my mom, Aunt Patti, Tara, and Tyson at the Vintage Market Days in Dripping Springs. Quincy stayed home with Nate while he worked in the yard. Afterwards, Maisy and I went grocery shopping, then got home to find Nate feeling unwell. He didn’t know whether it was dehydration from not drinking enough throughout the day or a bug. We had the family over for dinner out on the patio Sunday evening, and all that was missing was an umbrella to shade us from the setting sun. Nate recruited my cousins to his campaign for Wyatt as the baby’s name, and the family chatted long after the food was eaten.


I didn’t feel well the next couple of days, which could’ve been as easily explained by pregnancy as possibly another bug in the family. It was starting to get hot, so one day I let the kids run around in the backyard in their undies while I kept cool with my legs in the fountain.


I’ll round out this post with some random pics that Nate sent me of the kids in April:

I think Maisy might’ve been begging for dessert. And… boys! Need I say more haha?



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