March 2016


On Tuesday, March 1st, I used my lunch break to get my annual (sometimes semiannual) haircut. My friend recommended her hairdresser who comes with the perk of online scheduling. In this picture of the kids washing their picnic table the next day, Maisy wins for cutest haircut. I love her hair that length cut in a swing bob, but she and her daddy like it better when it’s longer and we can fix it more ways.


On Thursday, at 27.5 weeks pregnant, I failed my first glucose test, just like last time. As if it’s not bad enough to have to drink the nasty orange stuff once, but twice. Later that evening, I nursed my feelings about the glucose test with a burger at Jamie’s Austin Burger Club gathering. Quincy didn’t complain!


On Friday the 4th, Maisy had her 4-year doctor appointment, which meant the even nastier 4-year shots. She already has an irrational fear of all things medical, so she cried and cried. We tried to make up for the trauma by getting ice cream afterwards but all this time later, Chicken Little is still preoccupied about those shots.


Nate spent most of Saturday the 5th working in the yard. Yard work, specifically planting flowers, was one of the things that I missed while pregnant and sick. Nate and I were both disappointed to not get snap dragons planted in October but that was a month of nausea hell for me and craziness at work for Nate so… priorities. Luckily, the spring was bringing new opportunities for gorgeous weather and working in the yard. On Monday the 7th, I took Maisy with me to my doctor appointment to get a RhoGAM shot. I thought if she saw me get a shot in the butt and take it like a big girl, she might be inspired to be brave for shots, too. I don’t think it changed her opinion at all of getting shots, but maybe she felt glad she’s never had to get one in the bum.


We went to Las Vegas for Spring Break from Tuesday the 8th to Tuesday the 15th. Nate’s teaching schedule worked out so we could head to Vegas early and catch his parents on some of their days off from serving in the temple presidency. It was a great trip!


The kids splashed around in the spa, and we hiked at Red Rock. Nate even got a brothers’ hike in with Rich.







We played at the park, ate yummy food, and watched movies.


We spent lots of time with Maria and her kids, and we did some coloring and crafts.


Nate and I snuck in some shopping. We worked a little but not much and, as usual, we got some Cafe Rio. We went to see Zootopia, which everyone loved (except for the too-scary parts when the kids closed their eyes), and Nana did an Easter egg hunt for the kids.

It’s wonderful to get together with the whole family to make memories with everyone, but the kids sure love getting some time with Nana and Pop to themselves.


See you next time, Las Vegas!


A couple days after getting home from our trip, we went to the fair and rodeo. As I’ve written before, this is a Spring Break tradition for my family. It also happened to be St. Patrick’s Day, so it was a double bonus. Both Maisy and Quincy had a blast, especially since Q could go on more rides. The weather was really pleasant when it was cloudy, but there were some moments when the sun got hot and we thought, No summer, don’t start yet! I loved seeing Maisy and Quincy run around with Carson wearing their green shamrock shirts. Sometimes it’s the simple things that you remember most!





I swear Q had fun, despite some of his picture faces haha.





The pig races are always a hit.


Quincy got wiped out before the petting zoo, so he took a snooze on my pregnant belly in the air-conditioned hall while the other kids played goat whisperers.


We went to the rodeo that evening. The kids might’ve enjoyed the popcorn the most, and also clapping with everyone. The kids caught a couple more rides on our way out when the fair lights up the night.




On Friday the 18th, we went to Boat House Grill with the family for dinner. Playing with Carson is always a highlight of any day.


I did big shopping excursions to Costco and HEB on Saturday to continue bulking up our food storage. Other shoppers kept giving me raised eyebrows and probably wondered if I was prepping for the end of the world, but some people might say that bringing another newborn into the house comes with a few of the same conditions as the world ending. Also that day, the kids had fun at a birthday party with the Blankenberg boys. (I can’t seem to get a decent picture of these kids together.)


On Monday the 21st, we kicked off the Easter season with a family night creating a collage of pictures of the Savior that we put up in the kitchen. We want to create an energy of excitement about Jesus Christ and His resurrection similar to the anticipation of Christmas and celebrating His birth. On our Wednesday off that week, we put up Easter decorations and dyed eggs in Cool Whip with food coloring in it. Probably more trouble than the outcome was worth, but the kids still enjoyed the process.


The kids and I slept at my parents’ house on Thursday the 24th so I could make it to my 3-hour glucose test early Friday morning. Luckily I passed! I don’t know what I’d do if I needed to go on a restrictive diet during pregnancy when I already have so many food and stomach issues, but I guess you deal with necessities as they arise. On Saturday the 26th, we had an Easter egg hunt and dinner on the patio at our house. The kids painted rubber duckies afterwards, and it was a splendid evening.



For Easter Sunday, we took photos of Maisy and Quincy in the garden after church, and then we went to my parents’ for family dinner. I’m eternally grateful that the Savior conquered death and conquered all!



I haven’t talked much about work in my past couple of journal posts, but I think it’s worth mentioning for my record that I found my professional groove again in February and March. I went from considering stopping altogether to once again feeling engaged in what I was doing. I’d felt it wouldn’t be wise to make a major life decision when I wasn’t feeling at all well, and that turned out to be inspired patience. As the weeks progressed, I felt grateful to be enjoying my contributions at Practice Cafe once again. In the days leading up to baby boy’s arrival, I was able to achieve more balance between work and home than I’d had in a long time, and it felt good. I’m lucky to have partners in our business who support me in striving to balance my family and my work. Between Nate and them, I have more professional support than I probably deserve. Speaking of family, here we are enjoying a walk as a family one day in March:


We ended March with some highs and minor lows. For the highs, Tara found out that she was having a baby boy (yay!), I reorganized my pantry (also yay, because I’m a nerd), and we made some spring garden plans with my mom’s help. For the lows, I got a cold, and I was sort of forlorn that Easter had already passed. When Easter falls in March so close to St. Patrick’s Day, the holiday is behind you before you know it. I prefer it when Easter happens in April, but alas the vernal equinox never asks my opinion. To close out the month, here’s a cute shot of Quincy with his beloved little Book of Mormon:


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