February 2016


I made a calendar note that I took Monday, February 1st off from work to get things in order at home. If life gets too busy and our house gets too messy because of it, my brain starts to sort of shut down. Sometimes I feel like my mind literally mirrors whatever chaos it notices in my immediate environment, at least if the chaos belongs to me or one of the little humans I’m responsible for. I try to maintain a certain level of order in our life and home to hopefully maintain a comparable level of sanity. This sensitivity can be a burdensome trait and I often wish that I could be more easygoing about some things. I do think it’s worth mentioning that I’ve come a long way in relaxing my OCD tendencies since we’ve had kids, but the struggle is still real. If only I could achieve the same level of general relaxation as Quincy in the bath!



Tuesday the 2nd was Groundhog Day, and I was happy that Punxsutawney Phil came out and saw sunshine in my life. The pregnancy nausea that had previously been mostly on repeat finally wained enough by 23 weeks that I could stop taking the anti-nausea meds regularly. What a relief! Heartburn became my new battle, but I’ll take that over nausea any day. Zantac was my new best friend. Sometime in February, Nate and the kids took advantage of the crisp, sunny weather to adventure in the greenbelt.


For our regular day off on Wednesday the 3rd, the kids played while I payed bills. Maisy asked to do some “homework” in a workbook that we’d inherited from Carson, and Quincy drew on his boogie board. Maisy is a proactive learner, which is really a joy for us as her parents, and sometimes Q wants to join in on school.

After lunch, we played with stomp rockets in the backyard and had a lot of fun. I remember the kids doing a pretty good job at taking turns and getting along, which doesn’t always happen, and the weather was delightful. In the late afternoon, Quincy fell asleep on the floor.


He’s been in-between napping and not napping for a long time now, so whether he naps or not depends on his disposition and willingness to nap. Most of the time, he’s too busy (or belligerent) to nap; sometimes, though, he gets so tired that he’ll say, “I beepy, I want go bed…” or “Yay down wid me.” I transferred him to his bed so he could get some good rest. The next note in my calendar was to remind me that Q woke up in a real state. I’m talking a total meltdown. A terrible, horrible, no good, very bad transition out of a nap. For 2 hours! I tried every trick and every bribe that usually works, but nothing did. He just couldn’t snap out of it, poor dude, he kept crying and crying.


On Saturday the 6th, the kids and I went to a friend’s birthday party while Nate went down to San Antonio to the temple. On Sunday the 7th, we we went on a family walk in the afternoon through the “spooky forest,” a wooded path connecting our neighborhood to an adjacent neighborhood.


Also that day, Maisy enjoyed some bocce in the backyard. Our backyard is our happy place!


My parents went to Utah from February 10th to 16th, partially for my dad’s birthday. On Wednesday the 10th, I worked until my parents left. I took the kids to the park in the evening before dinner at Jason’s Deli. Ginger muffins galore, fruit, and mac ’n cheese!


Afterwards, we went back to my parents’ house so the kids could take a bath and Maisy could work on her Valentine’s. It took a long time for her to write all of her friends’ names, but it was worth it for the sense of ownership that she felt.

We slept there so sister wouldn’t be late to her preschool Valentine’s party the next morning. After the party, the kids and I hit up Chick-fil-A for lunch before driving home to beat traffic. I hadn’t slept well the night before, so Nate took the kids on a bike ride while I took a nap. That night, the kids and I went to bed early while Daddy worked late. On Friday the 12th, Quincy went to his Valentine’s party, and Maisy hung out with me at the office. After we picked up Q, we went to the gym to have lunch and finally cancel our membership. Even though I was feeling well enough to stop taking medication around the clock, I still got motion sick easily and didn’t feel well enough to work out. I was a little grumpy at myself for not taking care of this sooner (because the membership had gone mostly wasted for a few months), but oh well. Here’s a good grumpy Maisy face to illustrate:


On Saturday the 13th, I helped other church leaders set up the gym for the youth dance later that evening. From the church, I headed to the mall for some new maternity clothes. Both the seasons and my size were different from my last pregnancy, and I was tired of starting the day frustrated about having nothing to wear that fit me. I went back to the church to help chaperone the youth dinner and dance. They let us go early, so I was happy to get home for some unexpected hangout time with Nate. I know many people spurn or openly mock Valentine’s, but it’s a special anniversary for us so we try to make it as special as we can for the season of life we’re in. Speaking of V-day and love being in the air, when Maisy and Q are getting along, they sure are buds, and we love to see it.



On Monday the 15th (President’s Day), I took down Valentine’s decorations and put up St. Patrick’s decor while the kids played outside. We ran a couple errands in the afternoon, then I made a bunch of chicken taquitos, a handful for dinner and the rest for the freezer. I was determined to fill the freezer for baby day! I hadn’t felt well for a couple days, with a headache, return of nausea, heartburn, and bad sleep, so I went to bed early while Nate did bedtime with the kids. I continued to regularly fall asleep with prayers of gratitude running through my mind for all of Nate’s help. The kids were really good sports, too, and I love this shot of them in the sandbox that Monday morning:


I took the kids to the Apple Store in the afternoon on Tuesday the 16th to get a computer for a new employee. They were disappointed that the kids’ center had been temporarily removed… Oh what a world! In the evening, we did family night since I’d felt poorly the night before. We had spaghetti and then talked about Heavenly Father’s plan of happiness before enjoying popsicles together on the patio. The kids watched a show while I ran to the store for milk, and then I colored with Maisy at the kids’ table before bedtime. It was a good night. Nate teases me for including too much of the minutia of our life in these posts, but I hope that someday our children might want to look back and get a taste of the “everyday” flavor of their childhood, like how Q could basically live in his hanging chair all day everyday.


I worked a long day on Wednesday the 17th since my mom was back. I left the office early on Thursday the 18th, though, because Maisy got the stomach flu. As soon as I think we’re getting a reprieve from constant germ invasion, we’re not. Whomp, whomp. I worked from home on Friday while taking care of Maisy, and I made a note that Nate and I suffered through the new Indiana Jones movie that night. What a bummer to spend your rare and precious movie night time on a dud! We were semi-productive through the weekend, making progress on some projects upstairs, meal planning and grocery shopping, etc. We made a finger painted canvas for Quincy’s room on Saturday:

Maisy was sick on and off, and then Q got sick on Monday. Toddlers and stomach bugs are the worst! Once again I felt like hugging my washing machine! Loads and loads of jammies, towels, and sheets. Here are a couple shots of us cuddling on the couch as we recovered from the yucks:

I went into the office on Wednesday afternoon, trying to catch up on work. The rest of the week, I continued freezer meal prepping and got a few other things checked off my list, including hair cuts for the kids. I actually got on quite a roll with meal planning, which was a refreshing change compared to getting home at night, standing in front of an open fridge and thinking, Hmm, what should we eat for dinner?


Unfortunately, I ended the month getting my own version of the stomach bug. I spent both Saturday and Sunday in bed, oy vey. I was disappointed to miss Maisy’s first talk in Primary, but Nate was there to help her. Here are the words that went with pictures she drew: 1) The scriptures teach us that God is our Heavenly Father, and that He loves us forever.


2) The scriptures tell us about Jesus and how to follow His example. They have His teachings and commandments.


3) The scriptures teach us that when we make a mistake, we can say sorry and repent.


4) The Book of Mormon and the Bible are scriptures about Jesus, His prophets, and Heavenly Father’s plan.


5) Heavenly Father and Jesus want us and our families to be happy.


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