June 2015


We started June with Costco and family night on Monday the 1st. I made a note in my calendar that the next day was somewhat challenging/discouraging. I had to work late at the office, and then I had church work that kept me up until the wee hours of the morning. I did manage a couple of errands during my lunch break, including a yummy lunch with a friend. After work, the kids and I stopped by Tara’s to see the pergola that my parents were building over there. The kids and I played on the swing set for awhile, then we went home and had a smooth bedtime while Nate was at volleyball. It might not sound noteworthy but after a string of rough bedtimes, it was a refreshing way to end a tiring day.




On my first day off in June, the kids and I went to the gym, had Chipotle for lunch, spent the afternoon at the Thinkery, and then made a quick stop at Target. I made an easy dinner and after the kids went to bed, I watched some So You Think You Can Dance auditions while Nate had to work late. I didn’t make it very far into the season, though. The episodes are too long for my current life.




The kids had some fun times at the gym with my mom, as well:


Later that week, we locked in a really good rate for refinancing our house. We’d only been in it for a year and a half, but the lowered rates made it worth it. My dad and Nate had already refinanced our rental property. The first Saturday in June, I took the kids to the gym and on some errands, including TCBY to reward them for low maintenance behavior. Nate had to work some during the day but was able to get outside in the afternoon to rework some sprinklers while the kids played in the water. I spent the afternoon prepping freezer meals, and Maisy pitched in by making wooden cupcakes. After the kids went to bed and while Nate worked late, I read a book that I’d been listening to in the car.








On Monday the 8th, I didn’t feel very well so I went to bed early with Maisy while Nate worked late. Sensing a pattern here? I wasn’t kidding when I said that Nate’s June was crazy busy with work. While Nate had his nose to the grindstone during the second week of June, I prepped some other freezer meals. Our supply is just now getting low so after a New Year’s purge of the house, restocking the freezer will likely be on my list. I had some emotionally taxing team issues at the office to help out with in the first half of June, and we started work on a new company website (a process that took until August). I got a couple free deliveries from Instacart grocery delivery as an incentive to try it out. It’s not something that I do often but every now and then, it’s extremely convenient! I spent the end of the second week of June doing laundry and packing for vacation. Packing for myself used to be enough to take me way longer than it should but now that I pack for the kids, too, I have to force myself to be more efficient and timely. That is, except when I can’t resist stopping to snuggle with this sweetie pie:


We started our drive to Florida for Liddiard family vacation on Friday the 12th. We stayed at a hotel in Vidor the first night to break up the drive.







We got to our vacation rental in Destin on Saturday the 13th, and Kenzie and Joe made us all a yummy taco soup dinner. On Sunday the 14th, we went to church in the morning, played games and took naps during the day, and Laney made lasagna for dinner. We walked to the beach in the evening.






We finished the night watching a movie. Quincy’s history of sleeping well while traveling didn’t really exist, so we were pleasantly surprised by how well he did sleeping with Maisy on the futon in our room.


On Monday the 15th, we played at the beach in the morning after some quick bike rides, and we went to the grocery store in the afternoon. Mom made fajitas for dinner, after which we played games until the kids went to bed. Nate and I both worked late that night. On Tuesday the 16th, we spent the morning at the beach, where the kids were in heaven! After lunch, Quincy napped while Nate and I worked, and Maisy played games with the family. Tara got pizza and made raspberry pretzel salad for dinner while a basketball game was on, and we finished the night with a movie (you guessed it, while Nate worked). Poor Nate logged 40 hours while we were on vacation! I think he accomplished that by not sleeping much.











On Wednesday the 17th, we decided to mix things up and played at the pool all morning. In the afternoon, the sisters went shopping at Old Navy, and then I had some work to do. Kenzie made enchiladas for dinner, and afterwards we played games and watched a movie. Quincy convinced Nate to get in the bathtub with him before bed:


It was the least Nate could do after how much the little yogurt monster had helped him get his research work done:


We love our snuggly bath babies!


On Thursday the 18th, we went on a big bike ride with a stop for ice cream.



Top pics – 2012, bottom pics – 2015:


We ate out for lunch, then got ready to take family photos on the beach. The wind was blowing in the wrong direction and we had to compete with a lot of other photo sessions, but we still got some great shots. This was not made easy by our children, specifically Maisy, who refused to look at the camera for 98 of every 100 takes. Of course Quincy just wanted to run away! A shout out, as always, to Nate the family photographer.

2015 June Destin 91

2015 June Destin 63

2015 June Destin 245

2015 June Destin 312

2015 June Destin 173

2015 June Destin 137


2015 June Destin 398

2015 June Destin 34

2015 June Destin 20

2015 June Destin 23

2015 June Destin 436

2015 June Destin 414

2015 June Destin 465

2015 June Destin 468

We all helped make an easy dinner of breakfast tacos, and then we spent the late evening at the pool. The nighttime pool crowd wasn’t quite as family-friendly as the morning and afternoon demographics, but we still had fun. On Friday the 19th, we played at the beach in the morning, particularly enjoying the perfectly sized waves.

2015 June Destin 517

2015 June Destin 510

2015 June Destin 508

2015 June Destin 503

2015 June Destin 486

2015 June Destin 536

2015 June Destin 532

2015 June Destin 539

2015 June Destin 484





We watched movies in the afternoon and made a run to the grocery store, then we took our family’s turn to make dinner by grilling burgers. After dinner, some of us went on a twilight bike ride before packing what we could that night. We finished packing the morning of Saturday the 20th, then we drove all the way back to Austin (a long drive for one day). It was a fabulous trip!

We had a low-key Father’s Day since it was the day after the drive home from Destin, but Maisy was still excited to give Nate his new church bag and we enjoyed a simple dinner with just our little family. Kenzie, Joe, the kids, and I went to dinner with Dad and Mom later in the week to celebrate Father’s Day with my dad. Nate had an audit educator’s conference in Chicago from Monday the 22nd through Thursday the 25th, which he enjoyed, especially after his research deadline was behind him.


I had my annual hair cut while Nate was gone, and I got back to things at the office. For my day off on Wednesday, I made Texas sheet cakes in the morning for part of our ward’s Youth Conference meal assignment. After dropping the cakes off in afternoon, the kids and I went to the gym and stayed after to eat dinner in the cafe there. I made a note in my calendar that we finished the day playing outside and inside. Here’s a shot of Quincy and me in the playroom that night:


The next day, I had work meetings during the day. The kids and I joined my family at Tara and Tyson’s for pizza for dinner, and Nate got home that night. On Saturday the 27th, I chaperoned for Youth Conference the first part of the day.


My dad came to help Nate build a gate to our other side yard in the afternoon, so Mom, Kenzie, and Joe came to hang out as well. On Monday the 29th, I noted making quiche for dinner and then really enjoying a fun family night with the kids playing with instruments. It was an exceptionally busy month for Nate, but still a good and memorable one for us all! Dad and Nate finished the gate the following week, which was July 1st. To close, here are some other goodies from June:



















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