May 2015


Hello, blog. It has been a few months. I always take a hiatus from most things social media during the first trimester of pregnancy, along with pretty much anything else non-essential in life, which unfortunately means that I fell very behind on the blog journaling (again). I’m 18 weeks into the sickest pregnancy that I’ve experienced and, hopefully *fingers crossed*, I’m on the other side of the worst of it. October and November were real doozies. Anyways, on to more pleasant topics… May!

The first weekend in May, we went to Dallas for our nephew James’ baptism. I love baptisms and always feel particularly touched by the Primary songs about being baptized. It was also really nice to see Shelley and Russ again so soon after our March trip to Dallas. (Maisy was just telling me today that she misses her Nana and Pop.) After the baptism and lunch, we all went to the Perot Museum downtown. We were really impressed by the museum! It was big with plenty more to see than we had time for. Quincy slept in the stroller for most of the museum, which is why it was so enjoyable (because he wouldn’t have appreciated or been pleasant for most of the exhibits like Maisy). Q woke up just in time for the little kids’ part of the museum, which was perfect. We drove to Austin late the night of Saturday the 2nd so Nate would be back for church meetings on Sunday morning. Here Q-bert and I are at a stop on the drive up:



We didn’t take many pictures of the weekend, but here’s a handful:

Utah Hike








I know that last pic isn’t good, but I just liked the sight of everyone hanging out casually in front of the museum. We had more rock work done in the front yard in the beginning of May, but we still haven’t had time to finish landscaping the new beds. Our poor yard has been pretty neglected for months, but I guess there are times and seasons for everything. We did at least get the vines planted in one of the front beds after they’d sat in their plastic containers for weeks. Our neighbor had jokingly told us that she was going to plant them for us, so we thought, dude we’d better get on that.



Nate did some tree trimming in that area of the yard and, in my opinion, was a bit too free with monkey Quincy and the ladder, as witnessed by my stink face in this picture (which Nate thought was funny, but I still think was justified):


Laney came in town Friday the 8th for Mother’s Day weekend. On Saturday, Mom flew in from Utah and we had a mother-daughter activity at Painting With a Twist before an Italian take-out dinner at Mom and Dad’s.




Although not as pretty as the flower paintings, our compost ingredients were almost as colorful:


On Mother’s Day, we went back up to Cedar Park for church with my family and dinner at Mom and Dad’s. Nate was sick, poor guy, so he spent most of the afternoon and evening on the couch feeling lousy. On Monday, the family went to Chuy’s for Mom’s birthday. My mom watched our kids on Monday and Tuesday before flying back to Utah on Wednesday the 13th. M and Q were happy to get some time with their Mimi, and with her fountain:


Here are some pics we took one of the days in Mimi and Poppy’s front yard – Nate might advise me to edit down the number of bike shots, but I can’t resist these cute Maisy faces:






The week of May 11-15, Nate gave his final exams and attended graduation, then he was done with commitments on campus for the semester and the research madness started!


For the rest of May and almost all of June, Nate was CRAZY busy working with colleagues to meet a research paper publication submission deadline in the end of June. We had quite a few employee changes and work happenings at my office, so May was all-around busy for us, yet somehow regular at the same time. We fit in some yard work and play (including a new swing), had church stuff, and the kids and I frequented the gym. We found some new movies for the kiddos to wean them off of Big Hero 6 because no matter how cute you think a show is, there’s only so many times you can stand to watch or listen to it without needing some other variety. Nate and I managed to watch the latest season of Call the Midwife at night.





When Nate (and Maisy) put together my red bench, I snapped a pic to document our “busy,” aka cluttered, back patio. It was challenging enough to make the time to work in the yard, so picking up and staying tidy as we went sort of lost its priority status.




Since our patio standards had already lowered, we didn’t mind a certain al fresco dinner that the kids enjoyed one evening.


It was quite rainy for part of the month and the mini floods were coming up:


Mom flew home the day before Monday the 25th, which was Memorial Day. We were all glad to have her back! On the holiday, we ran some errands in the morning, went swimming at the gym in the afternoon, then hung out with my family in the evening. That night, Quincy was super grumpy. We later discovered why when he woke up in the middle of the night and threw up all over Nate, then stayed up the rest of the night watching movies and acting uncomfortable. It must’ve been a 24-hour bug that he picked up in nursery, and luckily no one else in the family got it. Here are pics of some happier, healthier times that Q had in May:










As witnessed above, our boy thinks the world is a giant touch screen! On Thursday the 28th, my dad took Mom to a Neil Diamond concert in Dallas, so I left the office early and took Maisy to TCBY, a treat that we both enjoy. Nate and Quincy joined us for other TCBY dates.


After new employee interviews and other work busyness (and some stress) during May, the end of the month was more focused on taking care of things at home and also doing church work. This included Nate helping several families in our congregation pack their moving vans because our ward had an unusually high number of moves this past summer. Here are some fun/fond memories with the kids from May – we especially appreciate our days off and down times (when we tend to spend a lot of time in jammies):















In addition to the fun times, we had our fair share of toddler drama as well, because it’s sometimes tough to be suffering from “terrible 2s” before you even turn 2:



On the 31st, I put up decorations for the 4th of July since I remembered not putting them up early enough the year before. So came and went May!


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