February 2015


The first week of February, highlights included a stop at the pet store one morning before work, and then Wednesday afternoon at the Thinkery.








Laney was in town, so the family had dinner at our house on Friday the 6th. On Saturday the 7th, we went to the temple with the Steeds, or rather, we took turns doing sessions and watching the kids. During our kid time, we went to the pet adoption center by the zoo, to the Japanese garden, and to the park.




The second week of the month, I had church work to help get ready for the Young Women’s “New Beginnings” activity, which was on Tuesday. I switched my day off to Tuesday for that and also to be up in Cedar Park on Wednesday for my dad’s birthday. We went to the Blue Corn Grill for dinner, and I made a note in my calendar that Nate and I stayed up too late afterwards watching YouTube videos of Jimmy Fallon. I guess it’s an appealing diversion to act like you’re young again every now and then, but I regret too late nights way more now than ever before in my life. It’s still weird to me that we’re not in our 20s anymore, but so far I’m really enjoying my 30s.

Nate made breakfast on Valentine’s Day (Saturday). He’s becoming quite an accomplished maker of pancakes! The kids opened their Valentine’s surprises, which included capes with the first letters of their names on the backs. Maisy also got some pink dress-up heels since she’d started wearing some of my shoes for fun.





We had Nate’s car detailed to spread the love (it was feeling jealous of mine), then Nate and Maisy ran into Lowes for some yard stuff while I stayed in the car with a sleeping Quincy. When we got home, we went for a walk and had popsicles on the porch. Nate spent the rest of the afternoon working in the yard, and I finished reorganizing our closet.




We picked up takeout for dinner from a place we hadn’t tried before. It was mediocre food but still something new. After the kids went to bed, we watched Downton Abbey. This is something we’ve done on other Valentine’s Days. We’re more easy to please these days (since that’s the easiest!), so low-key and together is enough.

From the 18th to the 24th, the kids and I went to Utah with my parents. Nate presented a paper at Texas Tech in Lubbock that Friday, so we lined up our out-of-town time. The first day was good. I took the kids to get haircuts, we played at the park by my grandparents’ house, we went to the children’s museum at the Gateway, and we ate out with family.





The second day of the trip was Friday the 20th. We spent some time with Kenzie and Joe in Provo before I went to dinner up at Sundance with our friends, the Kellys. Quincy went from being a little fussy when I left for dinner to having a high fever of 104 or so and hacking by the time I got back to Kenzie’s. It was worrisome. We went to the drugstore to get some medicine, and my bestie Kira came over later that night to bring me a humidifier. It was nice to visit with her in between taking care of restless Q. When the poor little dude was still burning up and miserable the next morning, my dad went with us to urgent care. Turns out Quincy had the croup and a double ear infection, so we spent the rest of our time in Salt Lake pretty uncomfortable in the basement trying not to get anyone else sick (and trying to help Q sleep). Not even movies distracted him from being sick and sad.



On Sunday, we ventured upstairs to have dinner with my mom’s family. By Monday afternoon, Quincy was feeling well enough that we walked around City Creek with Q in the stroller. Overall, the trip was a bummer and I felt quite homesick for Nate and our house, where Quincy would’ve been more comfortable and easier to take care of. A messy sucker saved us all from misery on the flight home. Phew!


We were all glad to get home!



By Friday the 27th, Maisy had gotten sick, too, and it felt like we couldn’t catch a break between illnesses. She was disappointed to miss Mother’s Day Out, and it felt like we hadn’t really had a full week of wellness since November. Here are some other gem moments that we had between fighting germs:











We’ll end with this shot of our cupid:


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