December 2014


My mom was in Utah the first week of December, so I worked from home and took advantage of more available time to do laundry, run errands, cook, and put up Christmas decorations. I almost didn’t put everything up since we were flying to Las Vegas in a couple weeks but as always, afterwards I was glad that I took the time to do it. (I did everything but the tree, which I knew Quincy would destroy with glee.) Maisy seems to appreciate holiday decor as much as I do, and she frequently expresses sweet gratitude when I take down one set of holiday decorations to replace with the next. “Thank you, Mama! I love the decorations!” I don’t think I took any pictures, though, which might make recreating my mantle arrangement challenging this year. On Thursday the 4th, Nate got called to be our ward’s Elders Quorum president (one of the men’s organizations). The kids seemed excited about their backyard grass, but they still ended up in the only remaining dirt patch of the yard almost every time they played back there.



We met Nate after work on Friday the 5th to go to the Sights & Sounds of Christmas in San Marcos. We got dutch oven rolls and walked around, we listened to a live band, and Maisy and I rode the carousel. It added variety and holiday cheer to the month, but it was more of a fair for older kids so we didn’t stay late.



On Saturday the 6th, Tara went with me to IKEA to choose a new bed for Maisy. We’d found a cute but rather rickety twin bed on craigslist before moving into our house, which had worked alright for a year but Maisy was sleeping in it less and less by December. Once when we asked her about it, she said she wanted a “square bed” like ours (a king) or Jason’s bed (the queen in our guest room). We got her a queen, which has been more comfortable for her but also for us when we read and sing songs during bedtime. Quincy helped Nate take down the old bed and put together the new one:


Q likes to “help” Nate in his office, too:


On Sunday the 7th and 14th, Maisy visited Primary (our church’s children’s organization). She loved nursery but was ready for Primary. Having said that, she was still apprehensive the first few times. Seeing the music leader who also does music time in nursery made Maisy’s transition easy, though. Before Nate officially switched to Elders Quorum, he was still in with the Teachers (14-year-old boys) with Matt Stout, Q’s special buddy:


The week of the 8th, we had warranty repairs done around our house. Quincy was sick with a stomach bug that week, poor guy. On Thursday the 11th, Nate finished classes on campus. A family friend, Leann, was in town so on Friday the 12th, my mom, Tara, and I had dinner with her at Chuy’s. Saturday the 13th was our ward’s Christmas party, so I spent part of the afternoon at the church helping set up for the Young Women’s assignment, which was a display of nativities and pictures of Christ. The committee in charge of the party did a really good job, but after dinner Quincy just wanted to run around like a wild man so we left before we got to see any of the program. They had a photo booth set up at the activity, so we got a pic in our Christmas colors:

Christmas Photo Booth Reversed

On Tuesday the 16th, my dad had to get an appendectomy. Thankfully it was without complications, so he made a quick recovery and was even able to join us for part of Practice Cafe’s holiday lunch on Thursday the 18th. On Friday the 19th, Nate took the kids to the grocery store in the afternoon while I prepared food and the house for a special dinner with the sister missionaries, my family, and our friend, Sherry. I remember a quiet moment in the house before Nate and the kids got home and before any guests arrived. Christmas music was playing, the twinkle lights gave the house and Christmas decorations a warm glow, the food smelled good, and everything was ready. I sat on the couch for a few moments, taking it all in and feeling grateful for the Savior amidst the busyness of work and the holiday season. We had a lovely evening eating, talking, and watching a video representing the birth and life of Christ. Afterwards, I stayed up miserably late getting ready to leave town.

The next day was Saturday the 20th, and we flew to Vegas for Christmas. Even though Nate’s parents were a few weeks away from finishing their mission in Ghana, the Cannon siblings still wanted to gather at their home for Christmas (everyone but Jesse’s family, since baby Zoe came the week of Christmas). After church on Sunday, the kids put together a gingerbread house with Nate’s Aunt Diane. Everyone got a lot of use out of the zip line that Rich had put up in the backyard, including the “big boys.”




We went to Red Rock and ate Cafe Rio, we saw Rich and Maria’s new house that they’d just moved into, and we did a Christmas family night with a message about the Savior followed by the traditional Cannon chimes.








We missed you, Nana and Pop:



We all took turns making food, and Nate and I did some Christmas shopping at good ol’ Target. On Christmas Eve day, we went for another nature walk with a view of the city.







On Christmas Eve eve, the kids acted out the nativity, although our kiddos declined to participate. At the time, Maisy still wasn’t a fan of dressing up. Q did wander in and out of the kids surrounding baby Cannon.




On Christmas, we opened presents; made, ate, and cleaned up food; enjoyed each other’s company; and we went to the park, which is another Cannon tradition. It was cold, but we still had fun! I had to borrow some stylish warmer outerwear.










On Friday the 26th, the Cannon siblings did a session in the temple while the inlaws stayed with the kids.




In the afternoon/evening, we all went to see the holiday decorations at the Bellagio along with the fountain.






On Saturday the 27th, we went walking and played at the park before eating lunch and heading to the airport. We were sorry not to see Russ and Shelley on our trip, but we enjoyed seeing everyone else and making more family Christmas memories.

The evening of Sunday the 28th, we had my family over for post-Christmas homemade pizza and a gift exchange. Tara and Tyson made us an awesome DIY corn hole set!






On Monday the 29th, the kids and I walked the lake trail with my mom, Carson, Kenzie, and Joe before work.


When we were loading into the car after walking and eating so I could get to work, Maisy puked everywhere, which obviously changed our plans. I cleaned her and the car up as much as I could with the wipes I had on hand, and we went home. It was a little traumatic for both Maisy and me – we hadn’t had any “big kid” vomit yet. Nate cleaned the carseat, which saved it from being thrown away (which is what I’d been tempted to do with it), and I got the car detailed pronto. Maisy felt mostly better the next couple days, but she was sick to her stomach again on New Year’s Eve, so it was kind of a bust for us. We hung out upstairs at my parents’ house watching kid movies while everyone else played games with friends downstairs. Oh well, taking care of babies is more important than New Year’s shenanigans. I wish I could say that 2015 has been more healthy for our family, but kids are germy and eating dirt is dirty (Q-bert, I’m talking about you buddy)! At the turn of the year, we watched some friends’ dog, Gizmo, for a couple days, which of course our kids loved. We’ll end with that:


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