November 2014


We kicked off November by planting in our yard on Saturday the 1st. The evening of Sunday the 2nd, we went to Tara and Tyson’s for Carson’s 7-year-old birthday dinner and green balloon extravaganza. These cousins are more like siblings:


I made a couple notes in my calendar suggesting that the first week of the month felt kind of weird and dragging, but I took down Halloween decorations on the 7th and maybe then got into the November spirit. For the most part, my kids help me to not take myself too seriously. Here’s Maisy having fun with sweet Noah:



On Saturday the 8th, which was my 32nd birthday, I helped host my friend Candace’s baby shower that was out in Georgetown. It was neat for me to see some old faces from Practice Cafe’s team as we celebrated our friend’s baby, and the shower turned out really nice. (Nate mostly chased Quincy around.) We left a bit early and went to my parents’ to eat birthday cake and watch Maleficent with the family. Earlier that morning, we got our free river rock rinsed off and placed around our finished fountain. We love how it turned out! Thanks Mom!!


Mom and Dad spent the night on Thursday the 13th so they’d be there early to help us spread all the loads of dirt that Nate had delivered on Friday the 14th to prepare our backyard for sod. In the morning, Nate picked up 4 guys from the day labor center in Austin and between all of us, I think we spread 45 yards of dirt. We fed everyone Subway for lunch. At the end of the day, after Nate took the laborers where they needed to go, we took my parents to the Cypress Grill for dinner. Afterwards, Nate and I somehow had enough energy left to watch The Giver.


Monday the 17th was Maisy’s 3rd birthday. We had birthday dinner at my parents’ with my family and the Steeds. Maisy chose a cake with purple icing, although I think she insisted that I scrape it off before she ate any because she likes her cake “dry” and “clean.” She prefers ice cream (“white ice cream”). We took some funny video of her trying to blow out her candles by basically spitting on the cake.






On Tuesday the 18th, we tried an intro dental visit for Maisy. She was pretty anxious and wouldn’t let the hygienist count her teeth, even when she was sitting on my lap in the chair, but there were no tears and M was pleased with her prize so we considered it a success. We’d talked for several weeks about how big girl 3-year-olds get to go to the dentist. We’ll try again as a big girl 4-year-old. On Thursday the 20th, my dream of grass in the backyard came true when we spent all day laying sod. Once again my parents helped, so we repeated Subway for lunch and got burgers for dinner. The grass transformed the look of our yard, and I was elated by what I considered monumental progress in just a day.










Friday the 21st was Practice Cafe’s annual Thanksgiving potluck:


On Saturday the 22nd, after Costco and other errands during the day, Nate and I took the kids to the indoor pool at the gym. I’d signed up myself, the kids, and my mom for a gym membership the week before. Between the holidays and on-and-off sicknesses, we didn’t get to use it as much as I’d like until February or so, but it has been a good thing for us and my mom. The kids were sick the week of Thanksgiving, and Nate and I ended up with the same thing. I worked through Wednesday, but we did things with family in the evenings. Laney and her family came in town, and so did Jesse and his family, both from Dallas.









On Thanksgiving Day, Nate took the kids to Milburn park with the Steeds and other Cannons while I helped my mom and sisters with food. I was apparently too busy talking my kids into eating that I didn’t take a picture of the feast. We watched a Christmas movie at my parents’ in the evening, then stopped by the Steeds’ before going home for the night. On Friday, we went to Mt. Bonnell to see the view and then Mayfield Park to see the peacocks with the Cannon-Steed group.





We ate leftovers at my parents’ house for dinner, then hung out at the Steeds’ some more. At night, we put the kids to bed at my parents’ and went to see Mockingjay. It was the first real date that Nate and I had been on in a while, and we enjoyed it. On Saturday the 29th, we went with my family to the Elf musical. It was a memorable holiday activity, but the show was too long for Quincy so Nate ended up with him in the hall for the latter part. At least they had a nice view:


That night we got dinner at Jack Allen’s to use a gift card. Whatever was ailing us all had a resurgence on Sunday the 30th, so we stayed home from church. A friend brought by turkey soup made with Thanksgiving leftovers, which was soothing and much appreciated. One morning during the sickies, Maisy was so wiped out that she fell asleep on the bathroom rug after her bath. Nakey nap!


And that was November! Work hard, play hard, and try not to get sick more!


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