October 2014


In October, I ordered and sorted the last of the supplies for our “bug out bags”/72-hour kits. Having emergency supplies that actually included diapers and kid clothes was one of my goals after moving into our house, but it took me awhile to actually put the bags together (didn’t happen until January). I played volleyball with my church ward’s Relief Society (women’s organization) in October and had fun, although competitive sports sort of give me anxiety. I think I play better when it’s just for fun. The first Saturday of the month, we had cement footings poured for our trampoline while we watched General Conference. We’d put the tramp in the ground months before, but the dirt shifted or something and it ended up not level. The footings leveled it out, so that completed that project. Finally! On the Sunday of General Conference, Tara and I helped my mom make chili sauce while we watched the sessions. It was a nice mom-daughter activity that I think we’ll repeat when sauce supplies need to be replenished. Moms and sisters are very special people. (Note the pre-footings trampoline hole in the background.)


Nate had a work conference at BYU the 8th through the 11th, so we used our Delta companion ticket and flew with him. My mom went, too, staying a couple days longer than we did. We met a woman with twins on the boarding bridge and suddenly didn’t feel as bad about flying with Q!



I worked some during our time in Utah (or “My-tah,” as Maisy calls it), we hung out, and we saw family and friends.



The weather was delightful, so we went to the park and also went on a little hike/nature walk on Saturday. (I don’t know how my mom manages to stay out of all the pictures.)











We stayed with our friends the Kellys this trip, which was easier with the kids. Even with the kid-friendly accommodations, though, Quincy slept bad again, getting up an hour earlier each day we were there. Seriously, I think he woke up at 3:30am on Sunday (the day we left)! Sheesh! That part was unpleasant, but the rest was great. Quincy our son met Quincy the dog, and they both seemed to think that the other smelled fine.




On Monday after we got home, we had an inspection done on our house since the year warranty was expiring. We were glad we decided to pay for the inspection because the guy found a leak in one of our attics. In one of the other attics, which we hadn’t gone in yet, he found that the builder neglected to put insulation up there! Since moving in, we’d had temperature problems on that side of the house, which happens to include our bedroom. We’d had an air balance check done to investigate, but it hadn’t even occurred to us that there would be no insulation. This alone made the money we spent on the inspection well worth it. Since my mom was still out of town, Tara watched my kids in the afternoon so I could get some work done in the office. I love living in the same city as her, and not just because she sometimes watches my munchkins for me. Speaking of which, look at this cute little munch after her big girl haircut:



On Tuesday the 14th, the kids and I went to the church in the morning to help set up for the “Young Women in Excellence” activity, which was later that evening. We ran errands in the afternoon, then Nate watched the kids while I went to YWIE. I got to be one of the speakers and enjoyed the topic of “Coming unto Christ and being perfected in Him as diamonds in the rough.” Every time there’s a big youth event, I’m impressed at how the leaders come together to pull things off, even sometimes last minute. Being a working mom makes it challenging for me to socialize much, so I’m thankful for the chance to get together with the other YW leaders as we serve the girls. I feel like before I know it, Maisy will be 12 and in Young Women’s, and I’ll be saying, “Excuse me, how did that happen?” She already asks about her 4th birthday almost daily.


Quincy had his 1-year doctor checkup on the morning of Wednesday the 15th (almost 2 months late, oh well). He weighed 22 lbs 12 oz, which was down in percentile (I think around the 35th percentile). They measured him at 32 inches tall, which is closer to the 88th or 90th percentile). His head size was 19.5 inches, which again is up there in percentile at 98th+. As I type this now, I can hardly believe that I already need to schedule his 2-year checkup soon.

2014 Fall 107

2014 Fall 93

On Thursday the 16th, we had another work meeting down in San Antonio, so my mom came to my house to watch the kids and worked on our fountain while there (completed photo in an upcoming post). Nate and I made a little more progress outside on Saturday when we picked up a yard of gravel and scored a free load of river rocks from the rock yard. Nate asked them if they had any river rocks and the guy said something like, “I can’t believe you’re asking today because we normally don’t have any because we don’t carry them, but someone dumped a load on our property this week and we’ve been wanting to get rid of it.” Yes! That evening, we got dinner at some food trucks and then watched a movie at our house with Mom, Tara, and Tyson.

The week of the 20th, I worked late a couple evenings, eating at my mom’s one night and taking my mom and the kids out to eat another night. We had new employee interviews that resulted in an offer to our SEO Director, who has been a valuable addition to our team. Quite a few members of our staff have changed in 2014-15. Another sort of whirlwind year for Practice Cafe! On Friday the 24th, we went to my parents’ ward’s Halloween party, which is also Tara and Tyson’s ward and our old ward, so it was fun. My mom put on her pirate puppet show, and it was a hit.

2014 Fall 84

2014 Fall 77


We didn’t make it to our own ward’s Halloween party because it was at 5 or 5:30pm on a work day (when Nate and I are usually hard-pressed to get home before 7pm… or 8pm, let’s be real here). On Saturday the 25th, we went to Noah Blankenberg’s pirate birthday party. Noah is an important buddy to Maisy, and Jessica is so kind to have Maisy over to play once a week.


Later that Saturday, Nate took maternity photos for my friend (and employee at the time), Candace. Afterwards, we went to dinner with Candace and her husband Tim, and we were relieved at the kids’ behavior in the restaurant. It has gotten increasingly difficult to take Quincy to restaurants without an iPad, and even then it’s really hit or miss. Little dude just wants to run around and climb on everything or better yet, escape. Despite our best efforts, he’s rather uncontrollable. If I ever was judgmental of other parents with toddlers, I never am now. I get it. I’m in love with Q-man, but he definitely wears us all out.

2014 Fall 221

We had stake conference and ward conference in October. One evening, my cousin Greg was in town for a work conference, so we met him for dinner at Chuy’s. On Halloween Friday, we went to the nursery with Mom to get some plants, then we ran a couple errands on the way home while the kids slept in the car (one of us stayed in the car with them, of course). That evening, we went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood, which was hopping with festivities. Maisy was a giraffe and Quincy was a monkey, both costumes of Maisy’s choosing.

2014 Fall 2

2014 Fall 12

2014 Fall 49

2014 Fall 67


Nate and I had dressed as zookeepers (also Maisy’s idea) for the church party, but we didn’t dress up for trick-or-treating. There’s only so much you can do. After Maisy had enough tricks and treats, she and Daddy carved pumpkins while us ladies prepared a fondu feast.





We played games after dinner. I don’t know what exactly it was, but it felt like a superbly magical holiday to me. It was one of my favorite days last fall!

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