September 2014


September 1st was Labor Day. I did some church work in the morning and went to Target with the kids in the afternoon, which can be a little like a holiday by itself (or not, depending on the kiddos’ moods). In the evening, we went to our niece Emma’s birthday dinner at Panda Express. This has become somewhat of a b-day tradition for Em. The kids and I slept at my parents’ that night so they’d already be there in the morning when I needed to drive down to San Antonio for a work meeting. After driving back in traffic later that day (and after the meeting turned out to be mostly a waste of time), I was done driving and slept at my parents’ again. During the school year, Nate plays volleyball at the church on Tuesday nights pretty regularly, so he didn’t mind. I’m glad we’re compatible in the way that we sometimes make things up as we go along. While we have our routines, we’re pretty organic in our day-to-day schedule. My mom went to Utah from the 3rd to the 8th so instead of going into the office, I got to play with the kids a bunch and catch up on laundry. That Saturday, we ran errands during the day, Quincy learned to read, and Nate went to the BYU-UT football game with my dad.



Here’s a funny text message conversation that I had with my sister, Tara, while she was at the same game with her husband, Tyson – I just needed some more Tupperware to put the kids’ outgrown clothes in (thank you auto correct):



On Monday the 8th, I took the kids on some errands for work, specifically restocking our snack supply. When I do this with the littles, I look like the worst mom ever in the checkout line, only buying snacks and treats and candy… Or I guess the “best mom ever” if you ask a treat-loving kid – some things are all about perspective. On the way home from the office the next day, I got violently ill and had to pull off the road in the middle of traffic to stop and run into a park bathroom. It had been creeping up on me all day, then was in full swing by nighttime. I thought it might’ve been food poisoning, but Nate got sick later in the night. It was bad! I hate the pukes. So. Much. My mom came the next day to keep an eye on the kids while we rested and recuperated from the night. I was thankful Mom was home from Utah by then. When Mimi wasn’t there to take care of everyone, Big Bear had us covered:



On Friday the 12th, we spent the evening with Jessica and their boys while Jason oversaw the move into their house. We went to Chick-fil-A and the bounce house. I definitely appreciate the peace of mind you feel in a place where your kids can run and jump on everything without much danger of hurting themselves since it’s all full of air. In the middle of the month, we took Moose (our 4Runner) in for some work. We had a little transmission scare, but it turned out to be low transmission fluid. Phew! We went to the temple during our stake’s “temple week,” then had dinner at Aldaco’s with some friends afterwards. We stopped at the outlets on the way home and wandered a bit but I don’t think we bought anything. Who needs more clothes when you have last year’s Halloween costumes?


Painting fun at Mimi’s:



Starting with Sunday the 21st, it was “Maisy Potty Training Week.” Homegirl was ready, so after only 2 little accidents, we were done! For us, it was totally worth the wait to have it be so simple and quick. Quincy weened himself from nursing the same week – completely on his own, he just lost interest. I was relieved since he’d started biting me really hard, and I was surprised by the liberating freedom I felt. I’d been either pregnant or nursing since August 2010 (with a 3-month break after a miscarriage in November ’10), so after 4 years it was like a breath of fresh air to have this aspect of freedom back in my life. One kid in diapers helped, too.


The rest of the month, I cooked some and we ate out some (same old, same old). I watched movies while Nate worked some later nights, and we played at the park. We went to our nephew Andrew’s orangutan birthday party, which was bananas. On Saturday the 27th, Maisy enjoyed some planting with Daddy. When she gets to do this, she often refers back to “their plants” with pride.


On the last day of the month, I went to Round Top with Mom. It was hot, but the double stroller saved the day again. We found some gems, and this activity is turning into a tradition that my mom and I both look forward to. Not sure how we’re going to pull it off this year with Quincy, though.



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