June 2014 – Halfway caught up!


We drove in from Utah on Sunday, June 1st. Maisy car swapped on the way home, which was more fun for her, and it made being a passenger in Moose, our 4Runner, much roomier. Carseats take up a lot of room.


The first week of June was a potpourri of daily life… We had new employees at Practice Cafe, so that meant new computers and lunches to get better acquainted. I made a note in my calendar that Nate made a much-appreciated dinner one evening. He had research stuff going on. We played with the kids, we did church work, we made sugar cookies, we went out for pizza, and our neighborhood had a party. I fell asleep putting Maisy to bed – not an uncommon occurrence.

June 2014 1

The second week of the month, Nate went to “High Adventure” camp with our church ward’s young men down at South Padre. In addition to getting to know the boys, their parents, and other leaders better, Nate enjoyed the professional sandcastle making lesson! He grew a good-looking beard, as well.

June 2014 2

While Nate was gone, I worked, visited friends, and the family went boating on Lake Austin. On the 12th, Quincy had a doctor checkup. He measured 29 inches long, weighed in at 19 lbs 4 oz, and his head circumference was 19 inches (in an even higher percentile than the previous measurement). That night, there was a big storm and our neighbors’ trampoline paid us another visit! I was sad about the tree carnage the next morning. Whomp.




Sunday the 15th was Father’s Day, and we had family dinner at my parents’ house. I’m beyond grateful to have a great dad and a husband who is a great daddy to our little people. I also have a terrific father-in-law whom I adore. I feel like I won the dad lottery! The day after Dad’s Day, I worked from home. My parents met us for dinner that evening at one of our favorite restaurants before we went to an Andrew Bird concert together, which was part of my dad’s Father’s Day gift.

Later that week, we bid farewell to Kenzie and Joe as they returned to BYU for their last year before graduate school (in Houston!). We also went boating again. Fun times!



The rest of June? Costco, more neighborhood partying, and family dinners. Work, Jason’s Deli, church and yard work. New rugs from FLOR for the dining and family rooms, a new shed for the side yard, food trucks, and PBS Sherlock Holmes. A high school friend’s wedding. Quincy started walking! Chipotle, frozen yogurt, and summer grilling… Summer loving!

June 2014 5


June 2014 6



I could never get enough baby snuggles. Good thing I have snuggly babies!

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