April 2014


Through April, in between work and other life happenings, we kept making slow but sure progress in our yard. My mom was extra busy getting ready for Kenzie’s wedding that was coming up the first week of May, so Nate carried most of the yard load himself while I tended to our littles. We celebrated April Fool’s Day by having a couple loads of dirt delivered, and then the first weekend we had some guys put in a flagstone path around our patio. In the latter part of the month, we had my dad’s electrician come out to bid some work for us. Baby steps, baby steps.

April 2014 2

April 2014 10

April 2014 7

April 2014 6

April 2014 31

One Sunday afternoon in the middle of the month, we took pictures of the kids in the bluebonnets. The wildflowers were as pretty as ever, and we got some precious shots of the kids.

April 2014 22

April 2014 21

April 2014 20

April 2014 19

April 2014 17

April 2014 16

April 2014 15

April 2014 14

April 2014 13

April 2014 12

“Okay, I’m done.”

April 2014 11

We made it to the Velloway for a family bike ride before the flowers faded out, and it was awesome. My bike did break on my last lap, so that was sad… First-world problems!

April 2014 24

April 2014 26

April 2014 23

April 2014 25

Jesse and his family stayed with us the weekend of Easter because our nephew Weston was baptized on that Saturday. We enjoyed the Cannon-Steed family time along with some Easter celebrations, and we were proud of Weston’s choice to follow the Savior’s example by being baptized, although we didn’t end up with photos of the occasion.

April 2014 28

April 2014 30

April 2014 29

On Easter Sunday, we had a Liddiard family dinner at our house and watched inspiring Easter videos. My uncle Steven was in town doing some tile work for my parents, so we were glad to have him join us. I love Easter and springtime when things renew in reminder of Jesus’ resurrection. Because of Him, the promise to conquer death brings so much hope.

April 2014 9

The last couple weekends in April were dedicated to Kenzie and Joe. Kenzie went through the temple for the first time on Saturday the 26th, so that was a very special family event to all be there for it together. On Tuesday the 29th, Nate took Kenzie’s bridal photos. I’m grateful that he’s always willing to take time out of his busy work and church schedules to do photos for family members. It was a blustery day, but Kenzie was radiant and the photos turned out wonderful. Here are a few faves from the shoot:

April 2014 33

April 2014 35

April 2014 1


Remaining April random happies:

April 2014 32

April 2014 3

April 2014 4

April 2014 5

Also random, our neighbors’ trampoline took flight and tried to join our family instead…

April 2014 8

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