March 2014


Hello March!

Mar 2014 7

Mar 2014 6


As I mentioned, March was full of work challenges for me. I (mostly) enjoy working between 24-32 hours a week on a flexible schedule, and my mom (mostly) enjoys watching my kids during that time. On any day that I work, I add another hour and half of driving time to the length of mine and the kids’ day, which adds up. My children are pretty great sports! The schedule flexibility and maintaining reasonable hours are both important for all of us (the kids, my mom, and me), otherwise life tends to get pretty out of balance pretty fast. March was a month when work caused life to get seriously out of balance, and we all couldn’t wait for it to pass. It eventually did, but not until April. I’m so grateful to Nate for his support. It is genuinely unfailing and I know what a gift that is, especially when Nate had plenty of long workdays and late work nights himself during March.

There were fun highlights during March, too, including the rodeo fair, progress in our yard, and trying new restaurants. Like with most new/unfamiliar things, Maisy wasn’t convinced that the rodeo fair rides were fun until she’d cried through several of them. She totally warmed up by the end, though, and was asking for more; however, I still couldn’t get her to experience the yummy sweetness that is cotton candy. The petting zoo was a hit, especially when a baby llama tried to eat my hair.








This was during a “show my tummy for photos” phase…







All tuckered out and passed out before post-fair dinner at Chuy’s:


My mom had my nephew Sheppard for Spring Break, so I worked from home some of the week while Nate and my mom put together our playscape and the kids ran around and ate popsicles.

Mar 2014 8

Mar 2014 4

Mar 2014 5


At almost 7 months (on the 13th), Quincy’s first tooth came through. In my calendar, I also made a note on the 15th (with an exclamation point!) that I went to the grocery store by myself… This is basically similar to going to an amusement park, and I bet the feeling only multiplies with each child that you add to your crew. Quincy had a doctor checkup on the 18th. They measured him at 27 inches long (81st percentile), 17 lbs 8 oz (34th percentile), and head size at 18.25 inches (95th percentile). No exaggeration, we are a big-headed family. Our tall, skinny children have heads consistently in the 90th+ percentiles just like their parents. Here’s Q demolishing and eating the paper on the examination bench:


On St. Patrick’s Day, there were lots of kisses, just like every day. These kiddos are our best lucky charms!




On the 22nd, we had 7 yards of gravel delivered and, once again, my dear mom spent her Saturday moving it with us to our playscape area. The Steed kids helped, as well, while their parents went to the temple, and we got a taste for how productive child labor can be. We are blessed to be close to members of both sides of our families.

Mar 2014 9

Mar 2014 10


Since we get dirty a lot, we take a lot of baths…

Mar 2014 3

Mar 2014 1

Mar 2014 2

As part of my mom’s payment for babysitting and everything else helpful that she’s constantly doing for us, we had rock work done at my parents’ house to replace their front step and walkway. My mom had ambitions to do this work herself before Kenzie’s wedding in May, but it had become apparent that there just wasn’t going to be time. It was a project worth paying other people to do, and I think the outcome looks great (I need to get a pic of the completed job). At the very least, it freed my mom up to work on other, more pleasant projects around her yard, which was gorgeous by the day of Kenzie and Joe’s reception.


In the very end of the month, my mom went to Utah for a long weekend, so Rochelle helped me out with the kids when I had to go into the office. The last Saturday, we paid for 5 guys to spend 2 days with a hydraulic jackhammer digging a hole for an in-ground trampoline. It turned out to be more of a project than any of us anticipated, but I guess all’s well that eventually ends well. Behold the crater!


Mar 2014 12

The next day was Nate’s mom’s birthday, which was nice since it was a FaceTime day for seeing our missionaries in Ghana. Maisy’s prayers still include, “Thank you for Nana and Pop on their mission.”

Mar 2014 14

Mar 2014 15

Mar 2014 13

Goodbye March – you wore us out!

Mar 2014 11

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