February 2014


Maisy with Kenzie and Joe before we left Utah (we can’t wait to have them nearby):


The day after we got back from Utah, which was the 5th, we (my dad, our sales director, and me) had an important work meeting down in San Antonio. My mom rode down to watch the kids at our house (usually she watches them at her house). One of the other days, the weather was nice enough for backyard lounging at Mimi’s:


We didn’t get to see much of Nate for the first couple days home because he had mutual (church youth group) the first night, and he was teaching night class the second night. To celebrate some time to finally hang out, we lived it up on the first Friday by going to Costco and then seeing the Lego Movie with Tara, Tyson, and Carson. We liked the movie even more than Maisy. It’s creative, clever, and funny, at least to our brand of humor. For Maisy and me, that made 2 movies in a theater in a week after who knows how long without doing that. It’s so expensive these days that it’s not really worth it to us, especially when we can be so much more at our leisure at home. Having said that, the rare treat of it can be nice. As a single, I used to really like dinner and movie dates.

I took Maisy to get her first “professional” hair cut on Saturday the 8th. After some trepidation (and after getting an iPad to watch a show), she held surprisingly still and didn’t seem to mind the experience too much.




Maisy’s bangs looked much straighter afterwards (since I’d been trimming them before and have absolutely no idea how to cut hair well), and combing the tangles out also then got much easier. Girlfriend does not like stuff in her hair. Like nothing. Our deal is that as long as she doesn’t want her hair to be “fixed,” we keep it short. So far, this has worked well for both of us. I’ll occasionally slip some clips in to pull her hair back for a family photo but other than that, she’s mostly a free little bird. On days when her daddy fixes her hair, he puts in some product and her curls get more defined. We call it the “Daddy Hair Salon.” I of course adore the look of her curls, but riding in the carseat mashes them enough that I don’t usually bother with product. My favorite of all? Baby bedhead – it is irresistible to me.


On Valentine’s Day, we had rain gutters installed. I know, romantic. My mom offered to watch the kids so we could eat out by ourselves, but our plans were somewhat foiled. We went to the closest SmashBurger feeling in the mood for good burgers and rosemary fries but, their cash register clock was “fast” so they couldn’t take any orders, even though they weren’t supposed to close for another 15 minutes or so. We tried to convince them to just make us some food, take cash, and enter the orders the next day, but they wouldn’t… Stinkers. They could’ve at least offered a free milkshake for us to drink away our disappointment. So we ended up at TGIFriday’s for a longer wait than we were interested in and food that didn’t taste as good as a truffle mushroom swiss or a spicy jalapeño baja. We’ve gotten a little lax on our Valentine’s celebrations the past couple years, but we still try to make the most of it. V Day 2014 marked 5 years that we’d been back together, and the time has been good to us. I’m always up for a reason to decorate the house, and Maisy was happy about her Valentine’s surprise. This photo cracks me up!


Feb 2014 2

Daddy shared some Valentine’s chocolate with Q:


Daily life continued with all the daily stuff such as a crowded bed in the mornings, plus the occasional dinner and/or dessert with family, friends, or our ward’s missionaries, etc. We continued picking away at house projects like hanging pictures and planning the backyard, and in the end of the month I engaged in an epic battle with our laundry and won. We also hit up the park when we could. February had more than a month’s fair share of work challenges and stresses, particularly for a short month, so the laundry paled in comparison to that. But, as always, we made it through. Little did we know that an unexpected employee change in the end of the month would make March even more challenging, but these things are easier to think and write about a year later. Better perspective is one advantage of getting so behind on journaling! Looking back at this empty backyard, I can see how far we’ve come. You don’t always see the breadth of your progress while you’re making it, though. Also pictured below: bird nests in our patio speakers!

Feb 2014 1


Feb 2014 3

Feb 2014 5


Feb 2014 4

Feb 2014 6

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