January 2014


It’s unlikely that anyone (least of all me) is surprised by my being, yet again, a year behind in my journal blogging… Oh well, c’est la vie! Better late than never. And believe me, that’s not the first time I’ve said or lived by that principle. :)

Maisy started 2014 with a bit of fluid on her lungs, so our pediatrician had us do a round of antibiotics. They worked, but they also gave her a yeast infection, poor girl. The rest of us got flu shots to hopefully make it through the sick season as healthily as possible. The first Friday, Maisy was thankfully feeling well enough to go with Daddy and the Steeds to meet the Dallas Cannons at the zoo in Waco. A good time was had by all, especially Maisy who played so hard that she fell asleep mid french fries at dinner. She adores her cousins!

Jan 2014 6 Jan 2014 5Jan 2014 4Jan 2014 7 DSC01231DSC01189DSC01237DSC01211DSC01238Jan 2014 1

As we got more settled into life in our new home and more accustomed to adjusted schedules/routines, I started cooking more. Let me tell you, this isn’t easy after you’ve been living at my mom’s house for a year and a half! Also, we tried to be deliberate about regularly setting aside house projects to have purposeful family time. Some favorites in January were evenings with warm enough weather for sidewalk chalk and walks around our new neighborhood. It was still chilly on and off, though, so one evening we put on beanies and set out for FHE at SmashBurger and Orange Leaf.

67BBCD55-8A80-4586-9B85-963B12289A4B IMG_3746

For one of our other attempted family nights that month, we found ourselves at Trader Joe’s, where Maisy had one of her most epic meltdowns ever. Some feelings are just too big for a toddler-sized person! I can empathize with that – I have big feelings, too.

Jan 2014 10

For other family fun in January, we ate swirl yogurt as we wandered around Costco, a place we regularly frequent and frequently enjoy (and give our money to). On another memorable night, Nate initiated a spontaneous peanut butter cookie endeavor that Maisy appreciated!

I set a goal to have Christmas decorations down by January 15th, which I stayed up very late to achieve. That might not sound like an accomplishment, but for me it was (since I’ve had Christmas decor up until February before). We checked off another long-time goal by having our piano tuned in January. Poor instrument had been moved 5 times without any professional TLC! I still don’t have time to play it but at least when I do, it doesn’t sound as much like a bar piano. One more goal worth noting that we checked off in January was picking out and purchasing a playscape for our backyard. Never mind that we didn’t have time to put it together until March… One thing at a time!

Nate had a conference in San Antonio the 16th through the 18th. I got sick while he was gone, so we spent most of that weekend at my parents’ house and hanging out with my sisters.

Jan 2014 2 Jan 2014 3

We slept up in Cedar Park a couple other times during the month because the weather was being fickle, bouncing back and forth between freezing rain, normal, and something akin to snow.

Jan 2014 13 Jan 2014 14 Jan 2014 12

Sometimes I experience what I call “blahs” while transitioning from the holiday season into a new year, but I think January 2014 was busy in a good way and I don’t remember dragging much at all. It was the beginning of what I call “the year of the house,” which was certainly a blessing. We had enough family fun time to keep our days sweet, and we were welcomed warmly by our new church ward (congregation). There were, of course, the normal work and other stresses, but I feel like we were living with meaning and with joy. Our kiddos were growing healthy, happy, and vibrant, and I’m grateful for the blessings of experiencing life with them and striving to see things through their eyes.

Jan 2014 11 Jan 2014 9IMG_3791 IMG_3769 IMG_3757 DSC01249 DSC01248In the end of the month, Nate went to Washington, DC for another conference. The kids and I went to Utah with my mom while he was gone, and it was a nice, low-key visit. We hung out with family and friends, went to the temple, ate out, and saw Frozen, which Maisy and I both loved and continue to enjoy, especially the music. There is something beyond adorable when a 2-year-old can sing with gusto what sounds like all the words of a Disney song. Let it go, girl! I took more mental pictures than real photos on the trip, but here’s a good one that I did capture of Maisy doing stickers with Gramma:


After our trip, we came home and we were tired… ZZZzzzzz…..

Jan 2014 15

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