October 2013 Highlights

• I had my (almost) 6-week postpartum checkup on October 1st. I don’t know if it was because Maisy was late and therefore bigger or simply that she’d already paved the way, but my recovery after having Quincy was significantly better/less painful. Six weeks after having Maisy, I was still experiencing more pain than I thought I should, and it continued to some degree for about 9 months. After Quincy, the cramps during nursing were much worse than I’d anticipated and frequently landed me on the floor to plank in pain, but the rest of my recovery was pretty smooth.
2013 NovDec 299
• Quincy was 6 weeks old on Friday the 4th. To celebrate, Nate flew to San Diego for another conference with enviable weather in SoCal. Since it was also General Conference weekend, Laney and Cory were in town with Maisy’s pal, Shep, which is always a treat.
IMG_3396 IMG_3399 IMG_3460 IMG_3463
• Some more cousin love from afternoons spent with Mimi:
IMG_3386 IMG_3542
• The second weekend in October was the annual conference that Nate has at BYU, so I flew up to join him with the kids and my mom. It was Quincy’s first flight! We stayed for almost a week, spending time with family and friends, getting to know Kenzie’s Joe better, and enjoying Utah in the fall. We went to BYU’s Homecoming football game (Quincy slept through it), and we spent a chilly, somewhat rainy afternoon in the mountains for a mostly successful family photo attempt (notice Q cursing us for it). I was relieved that the photos don’t show a huge food spot on my skirt where I spilled my lunch shortly before. We’re grateful to have multiple opportunities each year to visit Utah and the people we love there.
IMG_4470 IMG_4475
IMG_3482 IMG_3487 IMG_3502 IMG_3505 IMG_3507IMG_4482IMG_4481IMG_3512IMG_3519IMG_3527IMG_4555
2013-10-13 at 17-12-402013-10-13 at 17-14-562013-10-13 at 17-10-02
• In addition to Conference weekend, Laney and Shep were in town the 18th and 19th as well. Little kids tend to share germs very freely, so both Sheppy and Maisy ended up sick the following week. Little miss had a high fever for a few days, which always makes us sad at the same time as we relish extra snuggles. Luckily girlfriend started feeling better by Friday night so she could enjoy the Halloween trunk-or-treat at church. After another last-minute dash to costume us, we dressed as What Does the Fox Say. Quincy was the fox, Maisy was the mouse he chased, and Nate and I were backup dancers. Our ensemble of choice might’ve been considered trendy, but at least we thought WDTFS was funny before it became an internet sensation. Q slept through almost the whole activity in the stroller, so his “baby’s first Halloween” photo will be of a little slumbering fox who I couldn’t imagine loving more.
DSC01094 DSC01106 DSC01102
DSC01133 DSC01138 DSC01141 DSC01143
• Since actual Halloween fell on Thursday when Nate was teaching his night class, we had a low-key evening hanging out at my parents’ house. Maisy helped answer the door and tried to understand the concept of giving away candy. My mom made soup, and Quincy probably slept.
• Other October randoms and pics… One day (maybe the 24th), we visited my sil Rochelle’s preschool so I could help my mom put on a puppet show for them. Quincy was a popular guest and as you can see, we rocked the bone jammies all month and beyond.
• A friend got married on the 26th, and Q accompanied my parents and me for both the ceremony and reception. Once again, he slept through it. He was sleepier, quieter, and less destructive back then.
• We found ourselves frequenting the Sears outlet more often than we care to admit, trolling for appliance deals for the new house.
• At Quincy’s 2-month checkup on the 29th, he weighed 13lbs, 5oz (up from 10lbs, 8oz a month before) and was 23in long. I didn’t note his head size, but I’m sure it was way up there in the percentiles as it always is. He’s a lollypop head just like his parents and Maisy, too!
• Last, a few house progress shots:
IMG_4361 IMG_4467 IMG_4647

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