September 2013 Highlights

• We had a quiet Labor Day weekend. Our niece Emma’s birthday was Monday, so we joined the Steeds at Panda Express to celebrate with some orange chicken, and to introduce Quincy to the wild, wild world of stir fry. He wasn’t sure what to think about it.
2013-09-07 at 11-40-342013-09-07 at 11-37-14
• On Wednesday the 4th, I started easing back into work, taking Quincy with me to the office. I was skeptical at first of how it would go, but he was pretty amazing and slept a ton – way more than Maisy ever did as a baby. Everything with Maisy was new and, for the most part, exciting and very fulfilling. Having said that, after being blessed with another newborn to compare her to, I realized that Quincy was way more of a low maintenance little dude. In my opinion, his was an ideal kind of newborn personality for a second child.
2013-09-08 at 14-34-57 IMG_4109
…This made my adjustment to two kids easier than it would’ve been with a fussy baby, which is probably stating the obvious. To me, it was certainly also made easier by our living at my parents’ house. (The real adjustments for me occurred after we moved in November.) Quincy being so accommodating to accompany me to the office and sleep most of the time I worked enabled me to make babysitting easier for my mom, too, because she didn’t have to worry about watching Q until he was old enough to eat baby food. I took him with me to the office until January.
• According to my calendar, we passed September doing wonderfully ordinary, everyday life things. In addition to snuggling baby Quincy, we played with Maisy and we worked… Nate became official with a plaque outside his office on campus… We hung out with family and friends, and we made planning decisions and purchases for our new home.
2013-09-07 at 11-24-44 2013-09-07 at 11-29-13 IMG_4079 IMG_4125 IMG_4183 IMG_4228 IMG_3324 IMG_3354 IMG_3383
IMG_3339 IMG_4082
• Near the end of the month, my mom and I took the kids with us to the antique fair in Round Top, Texas. We got some neat holiday decorations made from dried gourds, buying some for us and some for gifts, and I found one of my favorite used/upcycled items for our home. It’s a bench made from a farm implement that attached to a tractor and was used to disperse seeds. The kiddos were good sports as we walked around looking at the astonishing amount of tents and booths and items, but it was a mega hot day so we parked Quincy in front of a fan while we negotiated the bench purchase (and convinced Nate via text that it was a good idea). After we loaded up, we basked in the air conditioning on the way home.
IMG_3373 IMG_3375
• With all the failed inspections and other construction delays on our house (including poor scheduling), our projected move-in date had been moved from September to October and then to November. It was just as well, though, because we had our hands full and benefited from the extra time to prepare for our move. Here’s a shot of the progress on the stone and beginnings of the driveway sometime in September:

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