June 2013 Highlights


• We traded kiddo corralling with Tara and Tyson for a temple trip to San Antonio the first Saturday in June (the 1st), and we discovered the numerous child entertainment possibilities at both PetSmart and Sports Authority. Plus they’re air conditioned! (The pregnant version of my body has some serious temperature issues.)

• We set up a time lapse camera to take pictures of the construction of our house. We planned to turn the images into a video later but as it turned out, there were such big gaps in construction progress that it’s kind of a boring video for lengthy chunks of it. Still neat to have, though.
IMG_3598 IMG_3634
• I planned a little hotel family overnighter for Father’s Day weekend, just for Friday night. For dinner, we used a birthday gift card to this Brazilian churrascaria that’s right by the Renaissance Marriott at the Arboretum. On Saturday, we had breakfast in our room before taking Maisy swimming in the hotel pool, although it was a cloudy, coolish morning. Later, we had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, which is in the same shopping center, and we visited the Arboretum cows, geese, and turtles. We did a little shopping, then headed home. It was a brief but refreshing getaway.
IMG_3660 DSC00701
• My mom went to Utah for a week June 20th-26th, so Maisy spent some time with me at the office. She’s my little buddy, and Cinderella on the iPad is her little buddy… You gotta do what you gotta do. Here’s a pic of Maisy helping my mom pack for her trip, along with a smattering of other pics of Maisy happenings from throughout the month:
IMG_3153IMG_3615 IMG_3631 IMG_3671 IMG_3771June 2013 22June 2013 12 - Version 7 IMG_3129 IMG_3147 IMG_3148
• June 26th marked the beginning of an almost month-long trip to gather with Nate’s family before his parents left for their mission in Ghana, where they are now. We spent June 26th-July 1st in Las Vegas with Nate’s parents, Rich, Maria, and Parker. We hit up Cafe Rio, we went swimming a few times, I got a pedicure and did a little shopping with the ladies, I got to meet an old friend for dinner, and we went to the children’s museum (pics to be included in July’s post). We also worked some while there, but lucky for you we won’t post any pictures of that. It was very hot in Vegas, so the kiddies may or may not have spent more than a fair share of the time nakey.
2013 July 4IMG_3772IMG_3166IMG_3168IMG_3175IMG_31762013 July 7IMG_3694

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