April 2013


I’ve had a draft of this post written for what feels like ages, but life has been crazytown-ish as we’re trying to get ready to close on our house in a couple weeks. We’re looking forward to being done with the building process! Speaking of our house, on April 1st we had our “Phase 1” design appointment. I think everything with our house is probably going to turn out well but as I just alluded to, the process to get there hasn’t been the most pleasant at some points along the way. Perhaps starting the design part of it on April Fool’s Day jinxed us or something.

On Saturday the 6th, Tara and I were out and about running errands with Maisy between General Conference sessions. We were on I35 in Round Rock near IKEA in somewhat of a traffic jam, and I noticed that the car behind us kept speeding up in bursts and then braking really close to us. I’m a pretty anxious driver and don’t like to drive bumper to bumper, so I thought he was irritated at me for leaving space in front of me and driving like a jerk to send me a message. I said to Tara, “If that guy keeps driving like that, he’s going to rear end us!” And then, he did. We weren’t going fast so thankfully no one was hurt, especially since I was 19 weeks pregnant and Maisy wasn’t even 18 months old, but I figured our 4Runner was still banged up in the back. I started to pull over, but the other driver kept right on going past us. I pulled back onto the freeway and followed him… get this… for 7 MILES, holding my horn down the entire time and gesturing fairly wildly for him to pull over.

A couple miles into our chase, I told Tara to call 911. She was nervous to do so and asked, “Do you call 911 for stuff like this?? I’m calling Dad first.” Haha. When my dad also told her to call 911, she kept him on the phone in one ear and called 911 with my phone on her other ear. Luckily there were a couple police officers nearby, so Tara was able to tell the dispatcher exactly where we were and where we were going, making it so the officers could arrive at the gas station we ended up at right after we pulled in.


When the offending driver must’ve finally realized that as long as we were in a safe area I was going to keep following him, he pulled into the gas station and got out. I got out, too, and asked him exasperatedly why he didn’t pull over 7 miles ago. He ignored my question and tried to scold me for braking way too fast… Hmm. Something was wrong with him. Drunk? That’d be it. In the middle of Saturday afternoon, driving his little girl somewhere. So sad. Never mind his busted up Acura that had formerly been brand new. My dad and Tara’s husband Tyson pulled up a few minutes after the cops did and both got out angrily, with my dad pointing at the drunk guy and yelling at him for hitting his pregnant daughter and not pulling over to make sure we were okay. Dad was understandably very upset by the prospect of half his daughters and half his grandchildren being in a “hit-and-run” car accident. He quickly calmed down, though, and he and Tyson stayed with us while the officers did all the sobriety tests, arrested the guy, waited for the little girl’s mom to come get her, and had us write our part of the reports for the incident. I sincerely felt so bad for the guy’s daughter and kept thinking, Man, I hope he’ll go to AA. And hopefully our minor fender bender prevented a more serious accident that could’ve happened if the guy hadn’t been arrested when he was. I don’t think we made it to Ikea after all that action, but we did another day:


Nothing else quite that eventful happened the rest of April. On Monday the 8th, we had our “Phase 2” house design appointment. It took a few more weeks for the contract of design studio selections to be ready for us to sign because there were special pricing bids to wait for, but it was fun to pick all the materials and colors and stuff for our future home from the available options and envision what it would all look like.

Other than the rodeo in March, we hadn’t been to a concert in a while – in fact, I think it had been a year – so on Wednesday, April 10th after Maisy went to bed, we went to see Sigur Ros at the packed Cedar Park Center. One of the many benefits of living with my parents that I’ll miss is being able to go somewhere at night after bedtime without worrying about getting a babysitter. Nate didn’t see Sigur Ros when they were in Salt Lake years ago because their show was on a Sunday. He’d really wanted to see them live and has ever since, and I’m also a fan. Their show did not disappoint! The music was amazing in person, and the lights and everything else technical about the concert really enhanced the experience. We also had seats, which in my preggo state was much appreciated by both me and my tired body.


The next day, on Thursday the 11th, we went to our anatomy ultrasound to see that baby had all the parts humans need and to find out that he was, as suspected, a boy. Both times so far I’ve seen the gender parts before the sonographer said anything about it and after the initial sighting of Quincy’s little boy parts, there were many more of him showing them off. Now, 6 months later, our Quincy boy totally has our hearts.

On Friday the 12th, we had a fun activity for our Practice Cafe team at a place called Painting with a Twist. It’s like a group “paint by numbers” activity but instead of numbers on your canvas, it’s blank and you follow step-by-step painting directions for the picture you chose as shown by an employee. It was neat to see how varied the final paintings were, even though we all had the same materials and the same step-by-step instructions. This is something I’d like to do again sometime – I think it’d be a fun family activity.


Saturday the 13th was Cedar Park’s “Heritage Festival” at Milburn Park. We met the Steeds there for some petting zoo and horse riding fun:


Here are some other cousin pics from March that I forgot in my last post, as well as some from April:


My mom went to Utah to visit Kenzie and my grandparents on the 24th, so I was home with Maisy without my babysitter. I took M to the office with me a couple times and enjoyed some shorter work days to hang out with my chicken little. On the 30th, my mom flew home and Nate flew to Boston to defend his dissertation. He was getting so close to finishing school!

Other noteworthy events in April included the opening of Nate’s parents’ mission call, which they’re now serving in Ghana, and Maisy had a nasty bug with a high fever (although I didn’t note on my calendar exactly when). Nate had a version of the same bug, as well as a cold that turned into a sinus infection/bronchitis combination (*insert frowny face here*). He was blessed to have a random reprieve from symptoms during the days he defended his dissertation. Us Mormons call things like that tender mercies!


By the end of April, I was more than halfway through my pregnancy and thought often about how we had only a few more months as a family of 3 and parents of 1. I tried to make the most of every opportunity I had to rock Maisy to sleep and other one-on-one moments like that, wanting to savor my remaining time with the ability to devote more attention to her.


We talked often about our baby that was coming, speaking of him as “Maisy’s baby” and trying to prepare her for the upcoming change as much as possible. All things considered, she has done extremely well with the transition. Quincy is blessed to have such a loving big sister!

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