March 2013 – A Milestone Month


On March 7th, Nate was my hero for accepting a job offer from Texas State University. San Marcos is about an hour south of Cedar Park, where we have family from both sides and where my family’s business is, so living in South Austin would put us halfway between both places. Nate turned down significantly more money and more “prestige” in his academic community for the job here, although he was very tempted by other job offers in other places. In the end, he felt like making me and our little family happy was most important. I know not all men (if many at all) would do that even if their wives begged as much as I did, so I know how lucky I am. Just for the record, the decision-making process wasn’t all begging on my side – we took the decision very seriously and were extremely prayerful about it, focusing on little else for weeks beforehand. Even though our choice didn’t make as much sense as some people thought it should, we were blessed to have peace that we were doing the right thing for our family. Nate also put it well when he said in an email, how often does one get the chance to make their spouse’s ultimate dream come true? Maybe only once or twice in a lifetime. I’m glad beyond words that he took a leap of faith and decided to do just that: make my dream come true.

You’d think that a girl whose dream just came true would be floating on cloud nine all the time, but for several days after Nate accepted the Texas State job and turned down the others, I felt more sad than happy. I was sad for Nate and what I knew he’d sacrificed. I knew he was disappointed, and I felt responsible. But then we had some good talks to digest the whole complicated situation and finally put it behind us, turning to look forward to our future of making plans and finally putting down some roots. Even now, I know it’s real but I still feel like I’m living a dream!

That’s all pretty serious, so here are some March photos of Maisy from Nate to lighten things up:


Maisy knows how to not take things too seriously:


Nate’s brother Jesse and his kids were in town Saturday the 9th through Tuesday the 12th. We ate dinner together at Rochelle and Jamie’s on Sunday, and we had Family Home Evening (aka “FHE” in the Mormon vernacular of acronyms) on Monday. Maisy loved the time spent with and the attention received from her cousins:


On Wednesday the 13th, we went to the Austin rodeo with my family, which has become something of a Spring Break tradition. Nate will tell you that I’m rather annoying to sit next to at rodeos because I can’t help myself from commenting on the incidents of animal cruelty and human recklessness that I see there, but we still have a good time and I usually indulge in a bag of cotton candy. I have a cute video of Maisy clapping for one of the rodeo events – hopefully it was the barrel racing – that I should post after this.


Last year, we left at the beginning of the post-rodeo concert because the music was so loud that it bothered baby Maisy (she was only 4 months old at the time), and Carson didn’t much care for it either. This year, the concert was Alabama Shakes and we (Nate and I) were quite looking forward to it and hoping Maisy would like it well enough. Luckily the music wasn’t set to be as loud as the year before, and Maisy seemed to genuinely enjoy it. She clapped and danced and bounced from lap to lap, making it until the last few songs before running out of gas. By then the rest of us were also tired and ready to go home, so I’d say it was a success for Chicken Little’s first concert!


After looking at other people’s houses for sale all day on Saturday the 17th, we stumbled upon a neighborhood still being developed in southwest Austin right where we wanted to be. We decided to build a new house there instead of buying a resale and before the end of the month, we’d decided on a lot and floor plan and were ready to sign a contract. Exciting stuff!

Nate went to Boston on Monday the 18th and stayed through the 21st to prepare to defend his dissertation in April. He basically already knew that his dissertation committee was going to “pass” him because they wouldn’t have let him defend if not, but the defense is still a big deal and required a lot of preparation. Since Nate was out of town Wednesday the 20th, my mom went with me to our builder’s design center open house to check things out. I took some pictures to show Nate and made some notes of different stone, flooring, and decorative tile options, etc, that my mom and I both liked. Nate and I planned to return to the open house the following week after signing our home purchase agreement/contract to build on Saturday the 23rd. After the second open house night in the end of March, we scheduled our first phase design appointment for the beginning of April.

We went to Dallas the last weekend of March for our nephew Josh’s baptism. Laney, Cory, and Sheppard are living at Cory’s parents’ house right now, and we stayed there for the weekend so there would be enough room at Jesse and Deborah’s to host Rochelle and her family as well as Nate’s folks. I love being able to see both sides of our family in one trip! In addition to celebrating Josh’s baptism, we also played at the park, celebrated Easter, had a family talent show, and Maisy was introduced to (and subsequently became obsessed with) ring-around-the-rosies.


In closing, a few random March pics from my phone:


As you can see, we stretched the wearing of Christmas jammies into springtime. And why not?

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