February 2013


As Nate posted last week, our baby boy came a week early on August 23rd at 3:50pm, one day after his dad’s birthday and sharing his aunt Tara’s birthday. Baby weighed 8 lbs 4 oz and they said he was about 20” long. We named him Quincy Russell Cannon and so far, he is absolutely delightful! Our photographer, aka Nate the baby daddy, has been very busy with his first week at his new job, so we’ll do a Quincy post later after Nate has caught his breath and finished editing the photos of baby’s arrival. In the meantime, here’s another catch-up post journal style: February 2013

Practice Cafe moved offices on February 1st from where we’d been for a few years to where we started, which is actually in a neighboring building. Now we’re occupying the whole second floor of our former space, whereas before we’d occupied only parts of it at a time. I don’t think the act of moving is ever fun, but it’s even more complicated when it throws off your workdays and team’s schedule of deadlines. My brother-in-law Jamie who is our operations manager handled the ordeal well, though, and it didn’t take long for our employees to settle comfortably into their new individual workspaces that accommodate our needs better than where we were. Other than the office move and getting situated and organized there, another big project that I was working on for our company back in February was our new website: http://www.practicecafe.com

Besides that and enduring pregnancy nausea, February must’ve been fairly uneventful for me personally considering the lack of what I documented on my calendar. I’m so bad I didn’t even record what we did for Valentine’s Day… Typical first trimester. That definitely wasn’t the case for Nate! He spent a few days in Boston the week of the 11th for meetings, then he had job interviews in Las Vegas at UNLV from February 21-23, in Dallas (Denton) at the University of North Texas on Monday the 25th, followed immediately by a couple days in Orlando at the University of Central Florida. In addition to the job interview travels and everything they entailed, Nate also had the stress of making a decision about which offer to accept. All on top of his regular dissertation pressure and work for other research projects! I know he’s glad to have that stage of life behind him.

We were scheduled to find out baby #2’s gender in March, which I admit I wanted to be another girl. I’ve always loved having sisters and would love to be able to give that gift to Maisy. But, babies are what they are the instant they’re made, and I’ve learned that my heart is like the Grinch’s – it has grown a whole size or more to be as enamored with baby boy Quincy as I am with Maisy. I had a feeling since the beginning of this year that I was going to have a boy, you know something of an impression that it was a little male presence inside my belly. That prepared me to not be disappointed when I found out for sure that it was a boy, but it couldn’t have prepared me for how fond I already feel of Quincy man. At the 12-week ultrasound, he looked much less like an elephant and much more like a transformer:


As for Maisy, she was 15 months old in February. We truly enjoy her personality more and more each day, even when the increase in personality also means an increase in “terrible two” moments. I found an email I wrote to a friend describing some things about Maisy as she was back in February, so I’ll repeat some of that here for journaling purposes.

As her daddy’s daughter, Maisy was and continues to be quite into any Apple device (iPhone, iPad, laptop, whatever she can get her hands on). I actually had to stop taking photos of her with my phone for a while because it would cause problems with her wanting to play with it, but we’re starting to get past that now.

Earlier this year, Maisy would eat scrambled eggs for breakfast almost every day and had developed a strong preference for chocolate milk. She still enjoys eggs a few times a week, but her primary beverage of choice now is orange juice. At least once a day I ask, “Maisy, would you like milk or water?” to which she predictably replies, “Juice.”

String cheese had been Maisy’s go-to snack for months, but that’s actually “so yesterday” to her now. She much prefers pretzels or nuts for munching, with cashews being her favorite closely followed by seasoned almonds. At 15 months, Maisy was a pretty great eater (especially of fruit), except for when she wasn’t, in which cases she’d squeeze her food in her hands until the juice would run down her arms. Then she’d throw the juiced food onto the floor. If you’d tell her “no,” she seemed to think that was pretty hilarious and only feel encouraged to continue. Lovely. I’m glad she’s grown out of that!

Bath time was and still is a big hit everyday. Luckily Maisy doesn’t pee in the bath very often because I can’t get her to stop drinking the bath water. We are charmed by how curly her hair is right after baths, and Nate can’t help himself but style Maisy’s hair whenever he gets a chance. When permitted, Maisy really liked and still gets a kick out of running around naked. And dancing! Sometimes clothed and sometimes naked. She commonly asks Nate to turn music on and then insists that we all hold hands to begin our dance parties in a wiggling circle.

At 15 months, Maisy had 8 teeth in front and 3 molars. Her favorite words at the time were Dada, Mama, Mimi and Poppa, along with “doe-doe” for dog and any other animal under the sun. She also used the phrase “more more” a lot while signing, “All done!” and “Oooh, what’s that?” Grunting and pointing probably accomplished just as much as any words at that stage, and I wonder if Maisy got tired of us asking her to repeat all the animal sounds she knew so frequently. It’s amazing how her vocabulary has compounded in 6 months since then! Every night I rock Maisy before bed, I’m really just in awe of how much she learns and grows as time passes, and how much love a mother’s heart can hold to the brim and overflowing. I know Nate feels the same way. We are so blessed and grateful to be parents to these precious little people.

To close this post that would otherwise be completely desolate of photos, here are a few shots Nate took of Maisy in February:




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