Next Up: April


When Maisy was between 4-6 months old, she loved sitting outside and watching the cars drive by. It made our neighbors laugh, and people would smile and point as they passed. Nate took these photos in April:

Here’s Maisy with Nate on the front porch one morning doing the same thing – watching cars:

On April 12th, Nate got the official ok from his advisor at Bentley to travel back and forth between Austin and Boston for the fourth and hopefully final year of his PhD. Someone on the committee that had convened to give the “yay” or “nay” asked if Nate was sure he wanted to live with his inlaws, but all teasing aside I was grateful the committee was openminded enough to recognize that the move would make for a better situation for our family now that Maisy had joined us. Of course I was (and am) even more grateful to Nate for being willing to make the sacrifice for us of traveling for school. After traveling a lot for work myself for more than 5 years, I’m well-acquainted with both the pros and also the cons of doing so. I started looking forward to the increased ease of being able to work in our office with my team for a year, and to the peace of mind of Maisy having the opportunity to be watched by my mom while I work. I’m planning to go to 3 days a week by the end of next summer, around when Nate will be starting a job.

With my sister Kenzie heading up to BYU for college at the end of the summer, my mom was having some empty nester anxiety so the news that we could move to Austin was probably as sweet to her ears as it was to mine. We were a little worried about the transition from my mom watching just my nephew, Carson, to having Maisy join them, but everything has worked out well. Maisy has a way of using her one-dimple smile, cute voice inflections, and dynamic personality to work her way into the hearts of everyone around her, even into Carson’s heart.

Our projected move date was June 4th so with less than 2 months to prepare, I started packing at night after Maisy went down and I finished working. It was challenging planning for some of our things to go directly to my parents’ house, some of our things to go into storage temporarily, and for some of our things to go into storage long term. I decided to label boxes with a list of what specifically was inside to decrease the stress of it all, which will be no surprise to anyone who’s familiar with my borderline-obsessive organization tendencies. It has made navigating our storage unit easier, but it made packing take significantly longer! We also decided to have a big moving sale to relieve ourselves of as much stuff as possible that we weren’t attached to, so the process of sorting, packing, labeling, and preparing for a garage sale occupied most of my free time during the second half of April and all of May.

My parents and Kenzie booked airfare to fly up and make the moving drive with us. We planned to make some good stops along the way to make it a trip and not just a big pain for everyone. Another fortuitous part of all our arrangements for our move was that we were able to have our lease taken over. It wasn’t up until August but one of my mission buddies and his wife were looking to move to our neighborhood around the same time we were looking to leave, so they moved into our place and seem to be loving their new home and our old church congregation as much as we did while living there.

Other April happenings included Easter with friends, as well as dinners with friends every chance we got now that we knew our time living in Boston was limited. Speaking of friends, we got to dogsit our canine pal, Quincy, again for a couple weeks in the middle of April:

We watered Quincy’s family’s yard, too, while they were out of town, giving me an opportunity to practice my multitasking skills (if there is such a thing as true multitasking). Here I am watering, holding Maisy, and talking on the phone to a sister (yeehaw!):

We spent some Sunday mornings walking in our favorite Boston spot, Mt. Auburn Cemetery, and we spent the last Saturday walking around Pleasure Bay out by where the airplanes fly into the airport over the bay:

Nate finished the semester with rave review surveys from his students, as well as some very nice emails. Based on the feedback I read, it sounded like the students appreciated Nate’s battle stories from his days as a traveling auditor, and of course he shared tidbits every now and again about Maisy. He also incorporated current events and engaging media, including humorous and even occasionally completely irrelevant YouTube videos. I think it was a relief for Nate to finish his first year of teaching with the personal confirmation that he, in fact, does enjoy being a professor, because sometimes the idea of a career change is more enchanting than the new career actually ends up being.

April stats: At Maisy’s 5-month doctor checkup at 5 months and 6 days old, she weighed 14 lbs. 1 oz. and was 25.5 inches long. In April, I nursed for approximately 86 hours, and Maisy took a bottle 7 times. We counted 170 diapers changed in April, and the longest stretch I slept was 5 hours. Looking back, I can see that April was the start of about a 6-month period of pretty unpredictable and, candidly, lousy sleeping patterns on Maisy’s part. But with so many other delightful traits, we tried not to dwell too much on the lack of sleep. Nate is very good about taking Maisy in the morning to give me an extra hour of sleep whenever he can, and I’d also sneak in cat naps with Maisy whenever I could:

Even though Maisy’s sleep schedule isn’t ideal for an adult, she still seems to get plenty of sleep and Nate loves to take pictures of her snoozing:

Here are some more miscellaneous photos of Maisy being a happy baby and blessing our life everyday… Baby stretches:

No teeth yet:

Helping us out in the kitchen:

Swinging while on a walk with her daddy:

Sucking some cantaloupe through one of her mesh sacks:

Shower time with mom:

With every month, we love and enjoy Maisy more and more. She’s proving to be a real firecracker and the perfect kind of spice for our life.

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