30 Things


So I turned 30 on the 8th. I won’t say that I was looking forward to it, because I wasn’t. I actually looked into turning 29 again, but that was too complicated so I went ahead with 30. I’m here to tell you that it was great! My mom made chocolate chip waffles for breakfast, which I enjoyed but Maisy might’ve enjoyed more:

My coworkers decorated my cubicle and my sister-in-law, Rochelle, sent flowers to the office from their family, which I love (fresh flowers and anything delivered):

Nate had Maisy choose (point to) some flowers at Costco that they then delivered to the office, so I had a double serving of flowers to brighten my already cheerful day.

Our company’s print rep, Daniel, who’s also a friend, brought a huge musical birthday card signed by our printer’s team, and a generous gift card to a new Brazilian restaurant in town that I’ve been wanting to try. On top of that, he bought my team lunch at Jason’s Deli. To me, any day that includes Jason’s free soft serve is a better day than it was before. I must’ve gotten so caught up in enjoying my chocolate-vanilla swirl that I stopped taking pictures for documentation.

After work, Rochelle kindly watched Maisy and my nephew, Carson, so my parents, my sister Tara, Nate, and I could enjoy a grownup dinner at Pappadeaux. (Tyson was at swimming class working on his speedo modeling poses.) I haven’t eaten at Pappadeaux since my 16th birthday, and 14 years later it was everything I hoped it would be. And I wasn’t the only one – Nate said his salmon was the best he’d ever tasted! Hopefully I won’t wait until I’m 44 to eat there again.

When we got home from dinner, I put Maisy to bed and then let Carson help me open my presents. I am big on showing love by giving thoughtful gifts, and my family and Nate really outdid themselves this year. I love to receive gifts that I think are awesome but wouldn’t buy for myself, and pretty much everything I got could be described in that way. The presents were perfect, but beyond the gifts the day just felt like a happy, thankful, hopeful, and perfect start to a new decade.

In honor of being 30, here’s a selection of 30 things I’m thankful for:

1) Health

2) Loving family and inlaws

3) The Gospel of Jesus Christ

4) Blessings so abundant they can’t be numbered

5) Always having the necessities of life

6) Freedom, safety, and those who serve to protect it

7) The beautiful world and vision to see it

8) Photos that capture memories

9) A functioning memory in my brain (at least the majority of the time)

10) Friends, old and new

11) Education

12) Opportunities to learn a better way after making mistakes

13) Missionary experiences

14) Technology, especially phones, computers, and email

15) Ice cream, frozen yogurt, and tastebuds to enjoy them

16) Employment

17) Honest employees

18) Faith and hope

19) Travel

20) Dreams, possibilities, and plans

21) Modern-day modes of transportation, especially a functioning car and airplanes

22) Legs that can walk, take me places, and hike

23) Music and hearing to listen to it

24) Good books and the ability to read them

25) Writing as an outlet for both work and personal expression

26) Colors and decorating

27) Warmth

28) Holidays and all special occasions

29) Being married to the man of my dreams

30) A daughter who teaches me everyday what it means to have a piece of my heart walking around outside my body

Cheers to my 30s! The best is surely yet to come.

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