Life is what happens while you’re busy living it…


John Lennon said, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans,” but I swear that life is what happens to you while you’re busy living it. It has been ages since I uploaded a “journal” blog post, and in the meantime my baby girl has become a little walking person and my 30th birthday is creeping up on me, soon to be followed by Maisy’s 1st birthday. I figure it’s about time for some word action here on the blog to supplement the more frequent pictures we send from Instagram.

Allow me to take you back to the beginning of January… We flew from Las Vegas back to Austin on New Year’s Eve, bringing Maisy’s flight tally up to 4. We enjoyed dinner and cards with my family before watching the ball drop on TV, and I thought about how much my life had changed and how blessed I’d been since Laney and I went to New York City for New Year’s when 2006 turned into 2007. The years haven’t been a cakewalk, but they’ve certainly been rich with learning experiences and an abundances of good things. Here are some of the good things I want to remember from January 2012:

• I’d been to a ladies’ wreath-making church activity without Maisy in the end of November while Nate watched her, and various family members had done some baby supervising here and there, but January 6th was Nate and I’s first official date night out without Maisy. I’d purchased a Groupon to the Melting Pot for Nate for Christmas because he’d never had fondu, so we used it to indulge in a “grown-up” dinner and maximize some time to talk without any distractions. Having a fully-engaged conversation is one of my favorite kinds of human interactions, and dipping tasty morsels in cheese, savory broth, and chocolate isn’t so bad either.

• In our church, we have what we call baby blessings. This blessing is when the father or another important man in the baby’s life officially gives the baby the name by which he or she will be known on the records of our church, and he also pronounces blessings, hopes, and dreams for the baby. The father must hold the priesthood in our church to give this blessing, as must any other men who are invited to stand with him as he does it. On January 8th, Nate blessed Maisy. My sister, Laney, and Nate’s brother Jesse and family drove down from Dallas for the occasion, and his sister Rochelle lives in Cedar Park with her family (I’ve posted before that Rochelle’s husband, Jamie, works with us at Practice Cafe). We loved having so many members of our family be able to share Maisy’s blessing day with us. Maisy wore the same white blessing dress that my sisters and I all wore when we were blessed, plus a pink headband with a bow that Rochelle made.

• The first time Nate was away from Maisy for more than a few hours was from January 11th-14th. He had an accounting conference in Savannah, Georgia:

It was touch-and-go whether he was going to survive the 4 days away from his baby girl. I texted him photo and video updates of the days in the life of Maisy that he was missing, and he couldn’t help himself from showing them to his friends at the conference. Yes, he became “that dad.” It’s no exaggeration to say that Nate Cannon is under Miss Maisy’s spell. I love how seriously gaga Nate is for Maisy, and it makes my love for him grow every time I see how tender and fun he is with her.

• The rest of our time in Austin was spent hanging out with family between work meetings, and trying to figure out how we were going to balance work and baby after returning to Boston when Nate’s teaching responsibilities and heavy school workload would resume in full force and I was still working full-time. Maisy was 2 months old a couple days before we left Austin. The day before we left, Nate took Kenzie’s senior pictures. He has always been good with a camera, but he gets better and better at photographing humans (as opposed to mountains and moose) with each photo shoot. Flying back to Boston after the holidays brought Maisy’s flight count up to 6.

• At 2 months and 3 days old, Maisy weighed 11.62 lbs. and was 23 inches long. In January, I nursed for 84 hours and 12 minutes (give or take), and Maisy took a bottle 12 times. We changed 216 diapers, and the longest night sleep I got was 8 hours and 20 minutes. Unfortunately the sleeping-through-the-night business didn’t catch on like I hoped it would when Maisy was a wee babe, but you can’t have everything… Girlfriend has muchness in many, many areas, but she isn’t an awesome sleeper.

January down… Now only 8 months to catch up on.

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