November & Belly Pic Roundup


The Life & Times of Baby Maisy, Part I – November

One of the attempted surprises I got Nate for Valentine’s was a printed book of the first year of our blog posts. I say “attempted” because Nate had the same clever idea, so we ended up sacrificing each other’s element of surprise to not spend double money on the same gift (not like the Magi story). Anyways, I digress… My point is that I really value having a printed version of our blog as a record of our first couple years of marriage and also Maisy’s arrival, and I’ve made a goal to be better about writing details of our life here that I want to remember and that I think our children will want to know. Hence, these will be a catch-up posts more for personal history.

I know we posted that my mom was in town November 4th-25th and that Maisy was born on the 17th, which was 9 days late. We’ve also kept the photo posts coming since then (mostly via instagram), but there’s quite a bit more I want to remember. Firstly, I’m aware that 9 days is practically nothing in the grand scheme of things, but it felt like another 9 months when we were eagerly awaiting Maisy’s arrival – especially when the majority of conversations with people (family, friends, coworkers, and strangers in the grocery store) were starting with something like: “You’re not in labor yet?” Time sure has gone by faster since she’s been out of my belly compared to when she was in there taking her sweet time to come out. Speaking of the belly, here’s a roundup of random pregnancy pics I found on Nate’s phone that were never posted…

Around 20 weeks (I think) – Taken at my parents’ house:

22 weeks – Painting our kitchen on July 4th:

About 24 weeks – BBQing in a park on the Charles River:

Almost 25 weeks – Lunch after whale watching:

26 weeks – Anniversary weekend spent in downtown Boston:

Almost 35 weeks – Tara flew up for a few days so Nate could take her bridal pictures:

Taken sometime in October(?) in our kitchen:

Taken in late October/early November in Mt. Auburn Cemetery, our fave spot in Boston:

39 weeks – Making freezer meals to minimize cooking in early baby days:

I kept thinking I wasn’t retaining much water, but then I’d take my socks off at night, see this and realize I was wrong, and then frown at my cankles:

41.5 weeks – Baby day!

After spending 9 extra days getting chubby, Maisy weighed 9 lbs 1.2 oz on her birthday. Her birth was exciting, beautiful (in a messy, labor-and-delivery kind of way), and an overall positive and awesome experience. The first week at home with Maisy was one of the best weeks of my life because of the joy I felt getting to know her while soaking up time with Nate and my mama, plus the already present holiday spirit that is, put simply, my favorite. Nate already posted pics of Maisy’s first days of life, but here are some more details I want to remember:

• By 11 days old, Maisy had returned to her birth weight plus a little more. She’s been a good little eater from the beginning, although I will say that nursing has been more of a time commitment than I anticipated (and it hurt more at first, too). Having said that, I’m grateful to be able to provide nourishment for Maisy outside the womb just like when she was in there baking.

• I’ve been tracking feedings and diaper changes with an app on my phone, and Maisy and I spent 49 hours and 9 minutes nursing in November. The other stat? 105 diapers. After trying several kinds of diapers, my favorite (at least for now) is Pampers Swaddlers with the wetness indicator stripe.

• If I’d counted the number of times people asked, “Are you in labor yet?” it probably wouldn’t be half the number of times people have commented on Maisy’s probability of having curly hair. So far her hair is curly…ish when wet, but not so much when dry. I’d say about a third of her newborn hair has fallen out (weird how that happens), so we’ll see what her hair is like as more grows in and it gets longer.

To be continued…

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