Catching Up…


The first half of this pregnancy, sleep was my salvation. It was literally my only true break from feeling miserable with nausea. And surprisingly enough, the first 30 minutes to an hour after waking up was the only period of time all day that I didn’t feel pretty much on the verge of puking – I actually felt consistently decent in the mornings. I know that’s different from a lot of women who experience “morning sickness,” but my nausea gravidarum (fancy technical term) got progressively worse throughout the day until it peaked in the evenings/at night before bed. Insert *cry myself to sleep* here. The thing that got me through? Zofran. Or rather, ondansetron, the generic version of Zofran. This miracle medicine didn’t cure me of the nausea, but for the most part it kept the pukes at bay so I could function oh so much better.

But I digress… I was saying how much I’ve loved sleeping during pregnancy, and how much I’ve been able to do it since we don’t have any other kids yet. Seriously, I sleep nine hours a night. And when I don’t get to, I nap to make up for it. Alas, not last night. Why? Two words: Torchy’s Tacos. I’m in Austin right now for my last stay in the office before the baby comes, and the fam went out for tacos yesterday for dinner. I knew I’d probably get heartburn, but how bad I did not imagine. My otherwise impressive history of sleeping super well this pregnancy was dashed last night as I tossed and turned all night and got up about 37 times to nurse my burning esophagus. Oh well, at least the tacos were good.

So here I am, 7:15am on Saturday and blogging. Obviously I’m a wretched blogger during pregnancy and Nate carries our blog through the neglect, but it’s because I was busy retching and heaving while hugging the good ol’ porcelain throne through June. Then last month and this month, I’ve been busy trying to make up for everything I didn’t feel well enough to do the first half of pregnancy. It’s been awesome to be relieved from the constant nausea, and have more energy to get things done and enjoy life again!

So, in the spirit of catching up, here are some highlights of the past six months (I’m sure I’ll pick away at this throughout the morning):


Spring Break in Hawaii. You might’ve noticed that we just posted photos from the trip. It was my first time to Hawaii, and I loved having Nate show me around where he used to live and still loves. Rich and Maria were, of course, excellent vacation buddies and we hope for many more vacations together to come. I was 5-weeks pregnant the week before the trip so I wasn’t feeling stellar most of the time (plus I needed to work in the mornings while there, which naturally detracts from that loving feeling of vacation), but the miserable nausea hadn’t hit yet so I still did enjoy it! I would, however, like to go back someday and experience it without nausea clouding my memories of it.


Viability Check. The first week of April, I got a nasty stomach bug and had a little pregnancy scare, so I had a viability check done (code for early ultrasound) at 9-weeks. I was relieved to see little bean’s heart beating on target.

Homeowners. Also in April, Nate and I bought a house/rental property in my hometown, Cedar Park, with my parents. My brother-in-law, Jamie, decided to take a leap of faith and move his family to Austin to give Practice Cafe a chance (yeah!). We’re excited to have him as part of our team at PC, and we’re also very glad to have Nate’s sister, Rochelle, plus Jamie and their kids living in the house. Since we can’t live there, at least people we know and love can!

Carson got a bike for Easter, and I couldn’t resist taking this pic:

Helmet, t-shirt, diaper, and cowboy boots? Don’t mind if I do.


Alien Heartbeat. At 15-weeks pregnant, I got to hear the bean’s heartbeat on the doppler. What a trip to be inhabited by a little alien baby and hear its heartbeat still going strong. I was relieved to be a few weeks into the second trimester, and hopeful that everything would continue developing well this pregnancy. Although I did manage to get the flu in the end of April/beginning of May, making it two stomach bugs this pregnancy on top of the morning sickness and a handful of colds… Oh the joys.

Back in Austin. Nate finished his second and last year of taking classes as a PhD student in May, and now he’s moved up from “PhD Student” to “PhD Candidate.” That’s exciting in and of itself, but it also meant that Nate could join me in Austin while I worked there to kickstart Jamie’s employment. After a month apart from Nate, it was great to be together again. We spent Memorial Day on Lake Stillhouse with my family, Rochelle and Jamie’s family, and Jesse and Deborah’s family. Nate and I loved having so much of both sides of our families together for the occasion. Nate has a bunch of pics of everyone making terrific tubing faces, so hopefully he’ll have time to post some of those soon.


Laney’s Birthday. June 6th is my sister, Delaney‘s, birthday so we all drove up to Fort Worth to see her and her husband, Cory. We went out for birthday dinner and then spent the evening visiting, and admiring the nice job Laney has done putting their place together – it’s very cute! We also marveled at the size of their cat, Scout, and poked fun at Laney for the homemade gourmet cat food she sometimes goes to the trouble of making him. He’s one spoiled feline.

*Okay, so maybe this pic isn’t of Laney and Cory’s cat. It’s the same breed, though. Those Maine Coons are massive indeed.

Fort Worth Zoo. Unfortunately Laney had to work the day after her birthday, but Cory went with us to the Fort Worth Zoo before we drove back to Austin in the evening. Let me tell you, what a fabulous zoo! The only one I’ve been to that rivals it is the San Diego Zoo, and I think that’s saying a lot. Fabulous exhibits, tons of shade, just fabulous, and we loved it! I’ve been terrible at taking photos to visually document our lives, evidenced by the absence of zoo pics. I’m going to have to repent of that by the time baby arrives by starting to document with Nate. Speaking of the zoo, Nate captured a hilarious video of two bears making out. I’ve never seen anything like it.

19-Week Ultrasound. Being in Austin for six weeks was too long to go without a checkup on the bean, plus we couldn’t wait to find out baby’s gender, so in the middle of June we went for a 19-week ultrasound. My mom was able to come with Nate and I – and our nephew Carson came, too, because Tara was working – so we had a party finding out that baby is a girl! I would’ve been happy with a boy, but I’ll admit I was hoping for a girl. Her name will be Maisy, and we can hardly wait to meet her. :)

Hopefully Maisy won’t be upset with me for exposing her bum on our blog. I’ll ensure her modesty after her debut into this world, but for now here’s proof that our firstborn will be a daughter!


Fredricksburg. Before Nate and I flew back to Boston on July 3rd, we spent the 2nd in Fredricksburg with my family. We window shopped, had lunch, actually shopped (we bought some great animal masks for the nursery), and went to a fun musical show at the Rock Box Theater there. (Please excuse the poor quality cell phone pics below.) It was a delightful day to end our long stay in Austin.

4th of July. We were grateful to come home to a remodeled kitchen! Yes, our landlord had the floor tiled:

The cabinets replaced:

Granite countertops put in:

And, best of all, we got a new oven and a DISHWASHER!

After a little paint misunderstanding:

That our 4th of July spent painting cleared up:

Our new kitchen is golden. It’s amazing what a difference having a dishwasher makes, especially for Nate because he used to wash most of our dinner dishes. Also on the 4th, we rode our bikes down to MIT to watch the fireworks over the bay. Not surprisingly, I don’t have a photo of our finished and put-back-together kitchen – I’ve already admitted to the dearth of photos in my possession – but here are a couple pics of our kitchen stuff thrown elsewhere during the remodel:

Dogs & Whales. We dogsat our favorite canine, Quincy, for our friends, the Kellys, during several weeks in July. Nate actually has him again this week while I’m in Austin, and I think he’s going to experience withdrawals now that summer is ending and the Kellys are finished vacationing. As for whales, Nate already posted videos of our fun whale-watching excursion. To top off the summer, Nate passed his comprehensive exams! Now he’s onto teaching the next two semesters, and working on his dissertation and other projects. I’m proud of him and his progress.

Since our anniversary (August 1st) fell on a Monday this year, we celebrated the last weekend in July by spending Friday night and Saturday soaking up downtown Boston:

Since Nate already posted about that, I’m almost officially caught up…


Getting Ready. Much of August has been spent getting ready for Maisy. We’re slowly but surely turning our second bedroom/guest room/junk room into a nursery, and I’ve been acquiring baby things, both by taking advantage of sales and also by being given things from friends. Nate has been a good sport putting together the crib, changing table, and other furniture we got, not to mention participating in pre-purchase research for a stroller and other baby gear. I can’t wait to see him as a dad!

Nate’s 31st Birthday. The weekend preceding Nate’s birthday, we enjoyed a free movie on Friday at the Hatch Memorial Shell on the Charles River, kayaking on the Concord River on Saturday morning, and a picnic with friends who were in town Saturday afternoon. On Nate’s birthday (Monday the 22nd), we went to one of our favorite restaurants, Not Your Average Joe’s, to redeem Nate’s free birthday entrée and dessert.

In Austin Again. After being evacuated from the Baltimore airport following the earthquake in Virginia, my connection flight wasn’t too delayed and I made it to Austin in time for my sister, Tara‘s, birthday dinner on August 23rd. Now I’m working in the office, hanging out with the family, and hoping Hurricane Irene won’t be bad enough to make it so Nate’s flight to Austin on Wednesday gets cancelled… Fingers crossed!

So, there you have it! Now I’m all caught up!! Thanx for your patience with my back-blogging. It’s for posterity, you know.

Happy Saturday. :)

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