I love Christmas. I love Christmas. I love Christmas.


Like I mentioned, I’ve decorated for Christmas and actually did it early this year because Nate and I will fly to Vegas on the 18th, so our time in our place before Christmas is short. Starting outside, here’s a smattering of pics of the Christmas cheer around our abode…

Christmas wreath:

The hat Nate wears to school:

My favorite nativity set:

We got a new (taller) tree this year:

A funky nativity (I collect them and have received several as gifts from my mom and sisters):

The Santa my Papa (maternal grandpa) sculpted:

Isn’t he gorgeous?


Another nativity from my collection:

And another:

There’s even a little Christmas in our kitchen:

And in the mudroom… Lots of food waiting for our Church Ward’s Christmas party this Saturday:

I figure since it’s 26 degrees outside and our mudroom is pretty much the same temperature as outside, the food should be as happy there as it would be in a fridge. Not that I have access to a fridge that big anyways.

Under the bags of ingredients for potato dishes, there are 11 hams:

And there are 10 pumpkin pies that I hope will last well enough until Saturday:

Then there are brownie bites for those who are against the slaughter of innocent pumpkins:

Alright, lunch break over. Happy Thursday everyone!

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