Get Up, Get Out, and Move Around


My body was telling me this evening that it needed to get up off my office chair, get out, and move around. So I went jogging. It was almost dark, as in I could still see enough to not fall on my face but just barely. The moon was out and only a sliver away from being full, like a bright nightlight in a big dark room with a girl running in circles on top of a hill trying to get her wiggles out.

There was a stinky trashcan with something in it smelling like fish that died in a pile of manure, but other than that the air was fresh and crisp as fall creeps up on Boston. I listened to Regina Spektor until I needed something a little louder, because I run so much better when I can’t hear myself breathing. Weird? I don’t know.

I switched to The New Pornagraphers. Don’t get me wrong, I HATE porn, but I really like this band and their song Three or Four seemed to be right on the beat of my jog tonight. I had a trainer once who told me that when you work out to music, it does something to your adrenaline that makes you stronger and able to work out harder… I think I might believe that. The right song at the right time always seems to do something good for me.

And don’t worry, I never jog in the dark without my iPhone so I could call Nate and/or 911 if someone tried to attack me. Immediately following which, I’d try that ram my heal into my attacker’s foot thing!

Speaking of Nate, he’s at the church playing basketball. Work for me and homework for him were busy today, so we had a late dinner of frozen pizza at 9pm (not too long before he left to play). I hope he doesn’t throw up on the gym floor.

Anyways, happy listening and happy middle of the week tomorrow!

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