So, we’re blogging.


So, we’re blogging. We celebrated our first wedding anniversary last month and since we’ve dubbed our blog “After the First Year,” now’s the time for our plunge into the blogosphere. We partake regularly of family’s, friends’, and even some inspiring strangers’ blogs – and Nate is a nerdy tech blog reader, as well – so we’re going to try contributing with our own blog and see how it goes. Before we get to the here and now, here are some highlights from our first year of matrimony…

August. Mawwiage! We got married August 1, 2009 in the San Antonio Texas LDS Temple, then honeymooned in Banff National Park in Western Canada! The Canadian Rockies are truly gorgeous so if you haven’t experienced their grandeur, I highly suggest putting it on your bucket list.

Also in August, we moved to Boston, Mass, where Nate is pursuing a PhD in accounting at Bentley University.

September. We achieved the status of “officially moved in” on the 8th, meaning everything was unpacked, with a place for everything and everything in its place. I also abolished the maggots from the garage and cleaned it, too. If you’re thinking, Ew!, you’re thinking correct.

Completely unrelated to unpacking or maggots, we got called to serve in our church ward’s Primary (teaching the 9-year-olds). Other September happenings include our conversion to Netflix, and we fell in love with the North End. Last but certainly not least, my mom came in the end of the month! We made chili sauce and enjoyed kicking off our first fall in Boston, and we took the BoltBus to New York City to see Mary Poppins. We love NYC, and the weekend treat was practically perfect in every way.

October. My mom gave me the first book in the Hunger Games trilogy so I devoured that, and I Netflixed both The Forsyte Saga and Sequel. My family and I have always been fans of period drama. The weekend after my mom left, Nate and I took a drive on the Kancamagus Highway in the White Mountains in New Hampshire to see the fall colors. Stunning!

Nate was insanely busy with his first semester, so while he was hard at work I took the opportunity to go to Salt Lake for my friend Amber’s wedding. From there, I went to Austin to spend a week in the office.

November. Nate surprised me with an overnighter to Cape Cod for my birthday, where we ate a tasty Irish breakfast, saw lighthouses, walked on the beach and picked up pretty rocks. In the late afternoon, we climbed Pilgrim Monument for a great view of Provincetown before catching a very colorful sunset.

Nate’s school busyness continued, and work is often busy for me, but we snuck away for a long Thanksgiving weekend in Bermuda – it’s only about an hour-and-a-half flight from Boston (who knew?!) and our tickets were cheap. We stayed at the Salt Kettle House in “the tower,” rented a scooter for tooling around the island, and just explored. There were beaches, some rain, lighthouses, a cave, old forts and churches, and of course the charming Hog Penny pub! Yum.

December. Nate survived his first semester of school! We spent a week in Las Vegas to visit Nate’s family before heading to Austin for Christmas. I love Christmas, and our first holidays with Nate and Cory as part of our family were no exception.

Nate and I drove up to Dallas on New Year’s Day to visit Nate’s brother, Jesse, and his family. Rochelle and her family were in town, too, so it was a Happy New Year’s weekend full of nephews and nieces!

January. Nate’s holiday break was cut short because of an early economics class he had to be back for (it started before the regular semester), so I stayed in Austin a little while longer for more time in the office. When I got back, school was in full swing. All Nate’s hard work the first semester paid off with all A’s, and he was back at it for the second semester! My work hours aren’t quite as constantly crazy as Nate’s study hours can be, so I took a flower arranging class at a local flower shop to add some variety to my evenings.

P.S. The winter is cold.

February. Either in late January or early February (I don’t remember) Nate got called to be in the presidency of the men’s organization at church (called Elders Quorum), so I went from team-teaching to flying solo in Primary until I got called to be the secretary in the Primary instead of a teacher. On the 12th, I finally finished the last of my wedding thank you’s. It took me a long time, but we received a lot of gifts between our three wedding events so there was a lot of gratitude to be expressed!

Also in February, we celebrated Valentine’s Day with a spendy dinner (a rarity for us) and Nate gave me a down coat to keep my cold bum warm! In the end of the month, I spent some time in Austin in the office to hire another project manager/copywriter.

March. We had a Delta companion ticket that expired in March, which is basically a buy-1-get-1-free, so we used that to fly to Atlanta for Nate’s Spring Break to visit Rochelle and her family. I worked during the days, except one afternoon when we went to the amazing Georgia Aquarium there. It was a nice visit.

Following Atlanta, I went back to Austin for more training with my new project manager, after which we had some friends come visit for a weekend.

Oh yeah, and how could I forget that our basement totally flooded from the New England rain we had in March!

April. My sister Laney came to visit for part of her Spring Break, and it was great. We walked the Freedom Trail, ate cannolis, made several yummy meals together, played tennis, went shopping, and watched movies. Also in April, I worked a dental convention in Las Vegas (my dad and I were able to have dinner with Nate’s parents while there), but I came back with a nasty flu bug that knocked me out for a week! Yuck!! Nate was so sweet rubbing my shoulders and waiting on me, but he did sleep in our guestroom because we didn’t want him coming down with what I had before his last few weeks of school.

May. I went to Austin again for another dental convention, which happened to fall on Mother’s Day weekend so I was glad to be there for that. I got back the weekend after Nate finished school, and then the fun of summer began… Nate’s folks and Aunt Diane came to visit for a week, and I think Nate really enjoyed being done with school and able to do everything with them. We also rewarded his year of hard work with an iPad that has of course become a favorite toy of Nate’s, as well as the impetus for his app addiction.

Right after our visitors left we took our big vacation of the year, which was a dream of a Mediterranean cruise! Awesome, awesome. I don’t have all the pics from Nate yet, except this beauty taken when we hiked Santorini:

Since we were going to be gone for a good chunk of the summer, we sublet our place for some extra cash to subsidize our summer travels.

June and July. After the cruise, I flew to Austin to stay with my sister Mackenzie while my parents were out of town. Nate joined me after a week for a couple more weeks there. From Austin, we flew to Vegas where Nate’s family was gathering for family reunions and Nate’s brother Rich’s wedding. From Vegas, we rode with the family up to the Cannon ranch in Oakley to spend a week. Then it was Rich’s marriage to the lovely Maria in the Draper Utah LDS Temple, after which we spent a week at Thanksgiving Point for the Hatch family reunion… Phew huh? We were all over the place.

After the reunion bonanza, we stayed at my grandparents’ house in Salt Lake for an extra week to spend a little more time with family and friends who weren’t part of the reunion or wedding extravaganzas. Then we returned to Boston just in time to drive to Montreal to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

It might not sound like it, but I really did work the whole summer. It’s a good thing all I need is my laptop, internet card, my phone, and a semi-quiet place. I’m grateful for the flexibility to work wherever I am, otherwise I would’ve had to fire myself!

August. We enjoyed a music festival and international fireworks display in Montreal, then some fairly expansive botanical gardens. In the middle of the month, my parents and Kenzie came for a visit for Kenzie’s summer getaway before starting her junior year of high school. They came via NYC where they saw Mary Poppins, and it was a relaxing week and always fulfilling to have family around. Also in August, Nate got Lasik eye surgery so now his vision is better than mine and he doesn’t have to worry about dry contacts during all of his late nights of studying!

September. Speaking of studying, the madness has begun again! I’m actually in Austin this week working in the office, but I keep getting reports from Nate that he’s stayed up until 1am, 2am, 3am studying and doing homework. Supposedly next semester will be less intense than this semester because the class load will be lighter, but I’ll believe that when it happens. For now, we’re just working hard and playing hard as always!

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