July 2016


In the beginning of July 2016, we had staff changes and additions at Practice Cafe that required new furniture and some moving of workspaces, including mine. It took all day Friday and most of Saturday for me, so it was tiring. Baby Wyatt was a great, snuggly sport at the office.

Nate, Tara, and Tyson helped me on Friday, which was so appreciated. If everyone had siblings as supportive as mine, the world would be a much better place! We all went to Ikea for the endeavor on Friday evening, then ate dinner at BJ’s nearby, where you can almost always count on mediocre food but late hours. Saturday morning, Maisy had a birthday party for a friend from preschool. Nate helped me at the office, then picked up lunch for us to eat there. Afterwards, he and the kids went boating with the family while I stayed at the office with Wyatt, working mostly on finishing the computers prep by then (because the machines needed to be ready Monday morning). I remember feeling disproportionately disappointed about not being able to go boating, and I’m sort of embarrassed to say that I shed a few tears like a little girl. We’ll chalk it up to postpartum hormones and exhaustion from an exceptionally busy week both at home and at work with a 1-month-old in tow. These kiddos always keep me going, though:


Jesse and his family came in town Sunday the 3rd. The Steeds came down to our house for a group family dinner. Our kids love their cousin time!


On Monday (the 4th of July!), Nate and Jesse put up the zip line in the backyard while the kids played.




We drove up north for dinner at the Steeds’ and to catch the fireworks show at Milburn Park, which is always good (and I feel like getting better every year).


On Tuesday the 5th, Nate and Maisy went with Jesse’s family to Six Flags Fiesta Texas.


On Wednesday, we had a leisurely morning at home. Nate made pancakes for everyone, and Jesse and David helped Nate take apart one of our office computers that seemed to need a new hard drive.


Later that afternoon, Nate took his family boating. After making sure that they were able to launch from the slip okay, my mom and I took Quincy to get frozen yogurt and to hang out at her house so the boating outing would be less stressful for Nate (without the wild one there to worry about).

Jesse and fam went to Rochelle’s for the rest of their stay. One day that week, Nate and the big kids had a blast at Bull Creek with everyone.





I had my 6-week postpartum checkup on Thursday the 7th. Quincy had a fever, so I left him home with Nate and took Maisy to Rochelle’s to play with her cousins. That weekend, we decompressed at home in between doing laundry, picking up messes, and getting groceries, etc. We tried a bbq food truck nearby our house that was tasty. Wyatt was just his chill baby self, not to be confused with his very non-chill post-baby self! Looking at these pictures, you’d never have guessed that this easygoing baby would turn into the ultimate alpha-toddler-feisty-wildman!


On Wednesday the 13th, I took the kids to a bounce house, and to Baskin Robbins for ice cream. Anytime we can safely jump a bunch of wiggles out, I consider it a success.


That Saturday (the 16th), Maisy and I went to a baby shower for Tara and Coe, who was born a couple weeks later. The zip line was a hit all month long and beyond, and it seems to be what the kids miss most about that house/yard.


Starting Monday, July 18th, Maisy and Quincy had swim lessons at Emler every weekday evening for two weeks. Wyatt never complained specifically about not being able to get in the water himself, but we did have some frowns. Wyatt has always had a perfect little frown.


Nate seemed to alternate between late nights working and late nights planning a treehouse for the backyard tree with the zip line. Maisy got a fever, of course, so she didn’t get to go to all the days of swim lessons. Lots of fevers for our crew! On Thursday the 21st in the morning, Maisy and Carson helped Mimi do a couple of their puppet shows for some church friends and kids in the neighborhood.



On Saturday the 23rd, my dad and Tyson helped Nate start building the treehouse while the rest of us did science experiments in the comfort of the air conditioning.



I made a note in my calendar that we introduced the kids to Princess Bride on Sunday the 24th. We usually only watch musicals or nature shows on Sunday, but we made an exception for this classic since it was a family movie night. The kids enjoyed it, but I can’t imagine them memorizing practically all of the dialogue like we did as kids. They have their own set of movies that they’d prefer to watch 498 times. Other days that week, my mom and I took the kids to the Brushy Creek splash pad with friends, and my mom took Maisy and Carson rollerskating for the second or third time in the month. Favorite pastime of the kids with their Mimi, for sure!


Here are some other moments caught on camera during July 2016, including an attack by the apple gremlin:

Typing this in June of 2018, it pains me to now be two years behind here. I hated being perpetually one year behind before, but that seems totally “on top of it” to me now! I’m trying not to give up, though. Some days my brain feels like the apples in that picture, but the past couple years have certainly been worth documenting if I can make it happen. We shall see!


June 2016


We had our back porch stained on Wednesday, June 1st. It turned out pretty well, although the lighter color inside the border didn’t take as well in some areas. The guy said that’s dependent on the concrete. We ventured to Costco as a family in the afternoon. Welcome, Wyatt, to our thing with Costco! The Mia Maids from our Young Women’s group visited Wyatt and me in the evening, bringing us this cute baby quilt that they made:


I made a note in my calendar that I took a nice walk with all the kids on the 2nd. After giving birth, it always feels good to me to get back up and about with no one living inside my stomach anymore. Our Bishop from church and his wife (who I also served with in Young Women’s) stopped by for a visit in the afternoon, and to bring a lovely basket of food for dinner. Wyatt had a doctor appointment in the morning on Friday, where he weighed in at 9lbs 8oz. (He was 10 days old.)

I left Maisy and Quincy with my mom for the day and took the baby to the office for the afternoon.


My family went boating in the evening, so Nate took the big kids and I stayed back to snuggle Wyatt at Tara’s house (who was kind enough to stay home to hang out with me).

It started raining cats and dogs afterwards, so we had a sort of scary drive home in our boat, I mean van. Nate’s boss sent us a pretty flower arrangement in a little red wagon to help celebrate Wyatt:


My dad was called to be a counselor in the presidency of their new stake (being created as boundaries were changing up north), so there was a special stake conference for that the morning of Sunday, June 5th, followed by the setting apart of the various leaders and a special luncheon with the visiting General Authority. For Laney’s birthday on Monday, June 6th, the family went boating in the evening. Wyatt and I met them for dinner after work at Boathouse Grill.



On Wednesday the 8th, we hung out at home in the morning and Maisy practiced her letters. After she’d shown so much interest in reading, Nate bought us the book Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, and we started it in June. She’s a good girl, our Maisy.



The kids and I went to Chick-fil-A for lunch and then to the Thinkery for the rest of the afternoon, where I had to hold Wyatt the entire time because I’d forgotten to bring a carrier or stroller, oops! Luckily he was super cuddly and sleepy, and everyone had fun so the outing was a success, albeit a tiring one for Mommy. Happy two weeks of life to Wyatt!


After a day of laundry for me and yard work for Nate on Saturday the 11th, we had a spontaneous barbecue and Zootopia movie watching party at our house with the family. Kenzie was in town, and all the adults enjoyed the movie just as much as the kids.


We continued snuggling baby Wyatt every chance we got:



By Tuesday the 14th, Wyatt’s umbilical cord remnant had fallen off. He had his first shower, which is always a highlight in our family. He had a baby bath the next day and has shown an exceptional affinity for the water since the beginning. Poppy joked that he was going to be a swimmer since he loves the water and his bum is so tiny!

My calendar says that Nate went to Dallas for work on the 14th and 15th, but I have pictures of him with Wyatt on the 14th and a note that he bought a plastic pool for the kids on the 15th… So, if he did go to Dallas, it must’ve been only for the night and not too much of either day. The kids cooled down in the pool while Wyatt and I swung sleepily in the shade of the porch.


Laney and Cory went to Florida the weekend of June 17-20, so their kids stayed with my parents. My mom brought them to our house on Saturday the 18th to play outside, then we had family dinner afterwards for Father’s Day (which was the next day).



These pictures were taken on Dad’s Day:



On Monday the 20th, the kids and I went visiting teaching in the afternoon, then we went boating with the family for FHE. The only lifejacket we had for Wyatt was Maisy’s as a baby, but Wyatt didn’t seem phased by the pink ladyfish look.



We kept on snuggling, and Maisy kept working on her letters:



On Saturday the 25th, the kids played in the water outside and washed their picnic table. I snapped a couple pictures of the flowers blooming, and Wyatt charmed us with his baby style. We picked up Thai takeout for dinner, and Nate and I watched a movie together in the evening after several weeks of watching MasterChef Junior with the kids.



I baked some goodies in the afternoon of Sunday the 26th, but I made a funny note in my calendar that the kids weren’t “goodies.” I said it was the start of a “naughty week” for the kids. I don’t remember what they did, but I imagine there was likely some acting out by two kids who’d spent almost three years as the only’s and now were having to share parental attention with a newcomer. Understandable reaction, however subconscious it was. Here are some Quincy happenings from June, handsome brown-eyed-boy:


Maisy went to Emma’s Little Sprouts summer camp the week of the 27th, and she loved reconnecting with her friends from preschool! Emma did a great job. There was a theme every day, there were science experiments, and there was fun in the water. Q joined for some of the fun.


The Ben & Jerry’s truck came to the office the afternoon of Wednesday the 29th, so since we’d gone up north for that, we stayed for dinner at Chipotle with my mom, Tara, and Tyson.


Life was good. I try to remind myself often, especially when I feel tired or low on patience (or both), that these are the days to remember!



Nate will be the first to point out that no one cares what our family eats. Since I don’t record our family’s life for other people, though, I won’t feel bad indulging in a record of some of the meals we ate in June:

May 2016


The first weekend in May, Nate took Quincy on our church ward’s father-son campout. It was at the Circuit of the Americas racing facility, which was a unique location for it and a neat experience! Daddy and Q slept in the car and were quite comfy.

After Nate and Quincy got home on Saturday the 7th, I went to get pedicures and lunch with a few friends from church, which was an enjoyable Mother’s Day weekend activity and pre-baby treat. On Sunday the 8th (Mother’s Day), Nate stayed home from church with Maisy and her germs. (Maisy and my mom had both caught the bug that Nate and I had in the end of April.) After church, I took an afternoon nap, which is something I’d specifically requested from Nate. When I woke up, Nate surprised me with the wooden lizard that I’d been wanting ever since we moved south and I saw it at the “Texas Chainsaw Masters” place! Maisy helped Nate hide it under a blanket on the table, and she apparently wasn’t convinced that I wanted it. She said doubtingly something along the lines of, “Dad, are you sure this is going to be a good surprise for Mom? She is going to like this?” I do really like him (the lizard AND Nate)!


One of our real backyard lizards came to take a peek:


We had Mother’s Day dinner at my parents’ house that evening, almost entirely provided by the wonderful men in our lives. Everyone speculated whether the baby would be born the following weekend on my mom’s birthday, because we seem to land birthdays close together in our family. We took some votes on the baby’s name, which was mostly down to Wyatt and Jay.


The night of Monday the 9th, I made a funny note in my calendar that I tried to take a hot bath with a bath bomb that my friend Julie had given me. I thought it might help with some of the normal but ouchy pregnancy pains I was having, but the kids crashed my bath! Before I knew it, both Maisy and Quincy had stripped down and were jumping in the bath with me as I called out for Nate to come rescue me. I learned my lesson and will lock the door next time! Don’t trust this innocent looking face:


At my doctor appointment on Tuesday the 10th, I was 37 weeks pregnant, 3cm dilated and 80% effaced. The following Sunday morning (the 15th), my Braxton Hicks turned into false labor that felt more like the real thing, so we took the kids to my parents and spent the afternoon in the hospital. The contractions were consistent and strong, albeit not real painful, but they weren’t productive so the on-call doctor sent us on our way after a couple hours of monitoring. With our family’s history of rapid labor (also called precipitous labor), I was paranoid about going into active labor at home and not having enough time to make it to the hospital. Having a baby in the car is some people’s idea of a good story, but not me! That would be a nightmare for me! I had more false labor with Wyatt than the other two. Here’s Maisy playing in my Mom’s sandbox on Friday the 13th:


On Saturday the 14th, the kids wore themselves out playing in the water outside while Nate worked in the yard.

The 14th was also Mimi’s birthday:


My mom went to Utah with Kenzie and Joe from May 16th to the 21st. Since baby didn’t come before that, we wanted him to wait until afterwards. Throughout the week, we kept working, doing daily life, getting ready for the baby, and soaking up the anticipation that’s in the air right before the arrival of a new baby. Everyone had pitched in to get the yard in good shape:

Everyone but the squirrel whose only contribution was stealing and gorging himself on our bird seed!


Also in the yard, our neighbor’s vine was exploding with these firework-like flowers that attracted masses of butterflies:


We had an induction scheduled for Wednesday the 25th, and my doctor’s office asked if I’d do them a favor by coming in ridiculously early (like 4am or something) instead of at the originally scheduled reasonable time (maybe 6am?). I agreed to it but in hindsight was sort of sorry because it set me up to experience extra exhaustion the first few days. Having said that, the belly was so big by then that I would’ve agreed to a number of ridiculous things to be alone in my own body again.

After wrapping up work the evening of the 24th, we had dinner at my parents’ house, then spent the night there so the kids would already be there the next morning. Here’s Quincy on a bike ride with Mimi earlier that afternoon:


Nate and I went to the hospital early-early on the 25th to check in. After we got settled into a labor and delivery room, they got me started on IV antibiotics (since I was positive for GBS again) and fluids (before I could get an epidural).


And we waited…


I’m always happy to see the anesthesiologist. He had a real dry sense of humor, and we had some good laughs while he was in the room. I don’t remember the exact timing of everything, but I think they started the pitocin drip shortly after 8am. After an hour or so, I’d gone from 3cm to 4cm dilated. I hoped it wouldn’t take 6 more hours to get to 10cm because I really wanted to eat lunch, which for some reason Nate found rather humorous. During the next hour, the contractions got painful. I paced my breathing to get through them, and I kept clicking the button for more juice on the epidural. The nurse came in a couple of times and asked me why I was doing that, and I kept saying, “Because it hurts!” (Isn’t that obvious?) She replied with something like, “I think we should get the anesthesiologist back in here to check on your epidural, and then I’ll be back to check on your progress around 1pm.” That would’ve been in 3 more hours, even though I’d told her about my history of fast labors. Me: “Um, I think you should check me now before you go. I think things are happening down there.” So she checked, and I’d dilated from 4cm to 10cm in only an hour. Explains the pain!! I knew I’d made progress but didn’t think the baby’s head would already be in position to start pushing, so I told Nate to hurry and call my mom. It looked like she was going to miss the delivery again (same story as Quincy’s birth day).

The nurse said, “Let’s try a test push on the next contraction.” So I did and she changed her mind, “Ok, no more pushing until we get the doctor in here!” The doctor came in, and I pushed for about 30 seconds before the baby gushed out. Hello Wyatt Brian Cannon! Born May 25, 2016 at 10:36am, he was 9lbs 6oz and 21” long.


Wyatt came at 39 weeks like Quincy, who was 8lbs 4oz, and he beat Maisy’s weight by almost 5 ounces, even though she was 10 days “late.” One of the first things I remarked after Wyatt came out was, “Woah, that’s a big baby!” My mom ran into the room as they were cleaning him up, and she was mad at the nurses out at the station for not letting her through right when she got there. They told her, “You can’t go in yet because she’s in there with the doctor.” My mom exclaimed, “I know! That’s why I’m here, because my daughter is having a baby!!” Mimi was still the first family member to welcome Wyatt to the world after his mom and dad, and then Tara arrived shortly after. Such a sweet moment captured here:


Mother says, “Hmm, have I earned a snack yet?”


The family visited us in the hospital, and the kids met their new sibling. Maisy was really into Wyatt. Quincy was over the novelty after a few minutes, but he has been nothing but gentle with his baby brother since the beginning. Sometimes he shares his blankie with him and says, “I’m a nice boy.” or “He loves me!”


Maisy was worried about the bright lights bothering the baby, and she kept trying to shade his face with her hand.


At night when it was just Wyatt and me, I watched the latest season of Call the Midwife and then the first season of Poldark. My babies have never slept well in those hard plastic boxes in the hospital, so as the hours passed I got more and more tired. I don’t like hospital beds either – they hurt my butt! I really wanted to go home the next day, but Wyatt had some blood sugar issues due to his size, and they wouldn’t discharge us until he’d had a certain number of “passing” blood sugar tests in a row. What this really meant was that the nurses kept pricking poor baby’s feet until they were all dotted with needle marks, and one of the nurses insisted that I just park him on the breast. I told her I normally wouldn’t nurse more than 20 minutes on one side in the beginning, but she came back with something like, “Well, if we can’t get his blood sugar numbers up, then he’ll have to go to the NICU and get an IV.” So, I parked him on the breast and ended my hospital stay with bloody nipples. That’s probably TMI, but I try to keep it real in my record here. This time in the hospital wasn’t my best experience, but I know people were just trying to do their jobs.

Thursday the 26th was Maisy’s last day of preschool:

My friend Lyndsey brought me Chick-fil-A with a diet coke (yes please!) for breakfast on Friday the 27th, and we were discharged after Nate and Maisy came up to get us.

We met my mom and Quincy at Mama Fu’s for lunch before heading on our way home. We stopped at Babies R Us to pick up a new bedside bassinet for the baby, and I was so tired that I could barely keep my eyes open while we waited in the car. After we got home, I took a much-needed nap with Wyatt. It’s amazing what a couple hours of good sleep can do to refresh you! We hung around the house for the weekend, and the family brought dinner down on Sunday the 29th. Monday was Memorial Day, which we spent playing in the backyard.

Wyatt had a doctor appointment on Tuesday after lunch, so I dropped the kids off with my mom beforehand. When we left the hospital on Friday, Wyatt weighed 8lbs 14oz. At our Tuesday doctor appointment, he was back up to 9lbs 3oz, almost to his birth weight. So, while the excessive nursing in the hospital had left me in a lot of pain, it had expedited my milk and baby boy was already benefitting. After the appointment, I went next door to the office to let everyone see Wyatt and to spend a few hours catching back up on my emails. And so we 4 became a family of 5! I couldn’t get enough snuggles with our yummy newborn. I really do love brand new babies.

April 2016


Before work on Friday, April 1st, the kids and I went with my mom to Lowe’s and Home Depot to get some flowers for spring planting. The next day, Nate worked in the yard while I prepped freezer food inside. We played General Conference out on the patio speakers and had it on the TV inside, and the kids played with Daddy in between sessions. I made a note that we started the new Star Wars movie in the evening, so we must not have been able to finish it due to the sometimes involved nature of bedtime in our household.

Nate’s aunt Tracy and uncle Dave were in town, so they came over with the Barnes and the Steeds for Sunday afternoon General Conference and dinner. It’s not everyday that you have dinner guests who make the meal!


The first week of April, we went to Costco on Monday for family night. Quincy woke up in the middle of Tuesday night with croup, so unfortunately he was sick all week. Poor little dude.


For our day off on Wednesday, we mostly stayed home, playing in the backyard in between loads of laundry. Following afternoon naps, we ventured out to HEB for groceries, and we ended the evening with a game of Candy Land as a family. On Thursday, Nate and I went to the wholesale nursery with my mom before work, and we did yard work over the weekend. I love springtime in Austin!



Quincy was still pretty under the weather on Sunday, so Nate took him home from church after sacrament meeting. Maisy took her turn being sick on Monday and Tuesday the 11th and 12th with high fevers. There are countless reasons that I’m glad my mom watches my kids while I work, and only one of them is being able to take feverish kids there to rest on Mimi’s couch (which I couldn’t do elsewhere). By Wednesday the 13th, everyone was fever-free and feeling mostly better. We got out the Play-Doh in the morning, treated ourselves to TCBY in the afternoon, and then stopped by Target for an errand.


Quincy can’t seem to catch a break, though, because as soon as he was over the croup, the growing pains started. He was up in the middle of Wednesday night needing his legs rubbed and lots of cuddles in Mom and Dad’s bed. I don’t remember having growing pains as a kid, but our kiddos get them fairly often in their legs and feet. It’s not altogether surprising since they basically grow an inch every 3-4 months, but it’s painful for them and sad for us parents. Nate had a conference in Washington, DC starting Thursday.


On the way home from work that evening, the kids and I picked up Chick-fil-A and ate it in the car so I could go directly to a Relief Society activity that provided childcare. We went to dinner with my family on Friday night, and we enjoyed nice weather and more yard work on Saturday the 16th after Nate was home.

On Sunday the 17th, I indulged in a nap with Quincy in the afternoon. Nate put up the fans we’d previously purchased for the upstairs bedrooms, and he took Maisy with him on some church visits. I made a calendar note that after dinner and cleaning up in the evening, I was totally wiped out – even after sleeping in the afternoon. At almost 34 weeks pregnant and with a planet of a belly, fatigue wasn’t uncommon. I tried to push through it to maximize my remaining time to get things done. I felt like after having a third child, I’d maybe never get anything done ever again.


On Wednesday, I over-scheduled our day off in my habitual optimism about time and what it will allow. We had a consultation in the morning about getting our porch stained, then I took the kids visiting teaching. We also got visited in the afternoon, and we got in some craft and playing time.


In the evening, I trashed our kitchen making a triple batch of lasagna that required a grocery run in the middle of the madness due to an expired batch of lasagna noodles that literally disintegrated when I cooked them. To top it off, Maisy’s fever returned with full force and I didn’t realize it until right as we were getting in the car to go to the grocery store. Sheesh. There are some moments when you wish your husband could warp speed home from work! We all had a pretty rough night.

With the weeks counting down until baby day, we decided it was time to take action on our mini van mission. After quite a bit of discussion, research, and searching online, Nate went looking at vans on Saturday the 23rd and came home with Gus, our family swagger wagon. I am definitely one of those people who said a million times that I’d never get a mini van, and then I just had to have a mini van, and I love my mini van. Go figure! I don’t know at what point practicality and comfort began to reign supreme for me, but I think it might’ve been the first road trip that I participated in with more than 2 kids in carseats. The only thing I hate about our van is the HondaLink system. It’s horrible, let’s be honest, but I try not to dwell on it because Apple CarPlay would’ve only been available in a brand new Kia Sedona.


Sometime on Gus’s birthday into our family, I walked around the yard taking pictures of the spring gardening progress. We actually lost multiple plants during the freezes this winter, so I’m looking forward to revitalizing the yard again this spring – it’s just around the corner!

On Wednesday the 27th, the kids and I went to Chipotle for lunch, then to the Thinkery for the afternoon, and to TCBY afterwards. I had a jam extravaganza that evening, making 6 batches of strawberry freezer jam. Nate was kind enough to put the kids to bed while I jammed. As I look back on these notes now, I sometimes feel like I’m reading about some other hormone-influenced crazy pregnant lady, but… it’s me.

Some of the Liddiard family was in town Wednesday the 27th through Monday, May 2nd to go to the drag races in Houston, so that was nice. I worked a bit but not a lot since my mom was hosting and unavailable to babysit, so I did some needed baby prepping on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday, I took Maisy to meet my mom, Aunt Patti, Tara, and Tyson at the Vintage Market Days in Dripping Springs. Quincy stayed home with Nate while he worked in the yard. Afterwards, Maisy and I went grocery shopping, then got home to find Nate feeling unwell. He didn’t know whether it was dehydration from not drinking enough throughout the day or a bug. We had the family over for dinner out on the patio Sunday evening, and all that was missing was an umbrella to shade us from the setting sun. Nate recruited my cousins to his campaign for Wyatt as the baby’s name, and the family chatted long after the food was eaten.


I didn’t feel well the next couple of days, which could’ve been as easily explained by pregnancy as possibly another bug in the family. It was starting to get hot, so one day I let the kids run around in the backyard in their undies while I kept cool with my legs in the fountain.


I’ll round out this post with some random pics that Nate sent me of the kids in April:

I think Maisy might’ve been begging for dessert. And… boys! Need I say more haha?



March 2016


On Tuesday, March 1st, I used my lunch break to get my annual (sometimes semiannual) haircut. My friend recommended her hairdresser who comes with the perk of online scheduling. In this picture of the kids washing their picnic table the next day, Maisy wins for cutest haircut. I love her hair that length cut in a swing bob, but she and her daddy like it better when it’s longer and we can fix it more ways.


On Thursday, at 27.5 weeks pregnant, I failed my first glucose test, just like last time. As if it’s not bad enough to have to drink the nasty orange stuff once, but twice. Later that evening, I nursed my feelings about the glucose test with a burger at Jamie’s Austin Burger Club gathering. Quincy didn’t complain!


On Friday the 4th, Maisy had her 4-year doctor appointment, which meant the even nastier 4-year shots. She already has an irrational fear of all things medical, so she cried and cried. We tried to make up for the trauma by getting ice cream afterwards but all this time later, Chicken Little is still preoccupied about those shots.


Nate spent most of Saturday the 5th working in the yard. Yard work, specifically planting flowers, was one of the things that I missed while pregnant and sick. Nate and I were both disappointed to not get snap dragons planted in October but that was a month of nausea hell for me and craziness at work for Nate so… priorities. Luckily, the spring was bringing new opportunities for gorgeous weather and working in the yard. On Monday the 7th, I took Maisy with me to my doctor appointment to get a RhoGAM shot. I thought if she saw me get a shot in the butt and take it like a big girl, she might be inspired to be brave for shots, too. I don’t think it changed her opinion at all of getting shots, but maybe she felt glad she’s never had to get one in the bum.


We went to Las Vegas for Spring Break from Tuesday the 8th to Tuesday the 15th. Nate’s teaching schedule worked out so we could head to Vegas early and catch his parents on some of their days off from serving in the temple presidency. It was a great trip!


The kids splashed around in the spa, and we hiked at Red Rock. Nate even got a brothers’ hike in with Rich.







We played at the park, ate yummy food, and watched movies.


We spent lots of time with Maria and her kids, and we did some coloring and crafts.


Nate and I snuck in some shopping. We worked a little but not much and, as usual, we got some Cafe Rio. We went to see Zootopia, which everyone loved (except for the too-scary parts when the kids closed their eyes), and Nana did an Easter egg hunt for the kids.

It’s wonderful to get together with the whole family to make memories with everyone, but the kids sure love getting some time with Nana and Pop to themselves.


See you next time, Las Vegas!


A couple days after getting home from our trip, we went to the fair and rodeo. As I’ve written before, this is a Spring Break tradition for my family. It also happened to be St. Patrick’s Day, so it was a double bonus. Both Maisy and Quincy had a blast, especially since Q could go on more rides. The weather was really pleasant when it was cloudy, but there were some moments when the sun got hot and we thought, No summer, don’t start yet! I loved seeing Maisy and Quincy run around with Carson wearing their green shamrock shirts. Sometimes it’s the simple things that you remember most!





I swear Q had fun, despite some of his picture faces haha.





The pig races are always a hit.


Quincy got wiped out before the petting zoo, so he took a snooze on my pregnant belly in the air-conditioned hall while the other kids played goat whisperers.


We went to the rodeo that evening. The kids might’ve enjoyed the popcorn the most, and also clapping with everyone. The kids caught a couple more rides on our way out when the fair lights up the night.




On Friday the 18th, we went to Boat House Grill with the family for dinner. Playing with Carson is always a highlight of any day.


I did big shopping excursions to Costco and HEB on Saturday to continue bulking up our food storage. Other shoppers kept giving me raised eyebrows and probably wondered if I was prepping for the end of the world, but some people might say that bringing another newborn into the house comes with a few of the same conditions as the world ending. Also that day, the kids had fun at a birthday party with the Blankenberg boys. (I can’t seem to get a decent picture of these kids together.)


On Monday the 21st, we kicked off the Easter season with a family night creating a collage of pictures of the Savior that we put up in the kitchen. We want to create an energy of excitement about Jesus Christ and His resurrection similar to the anticipation of Christmas and celebrating His birth. On our Wednesday off that week, we put up Easter decorations and dyed eggs in Cool Whip with food coloring in it. Probably more trouble than the outcome was worth, but the kids still enjoyed the process.


The kids and I slept at my parents’ house on Thursday the 24th so I could make it to my 3-hour glucose test early Friday morning. Luckily I passed! I don’t know what I’d do if I needed to go on a restrictive diet during pregnancy when I already have so many food and stomach issues, but I guess you deal with necessities as they arise. On Saturday the 26th, we had an Easter egg hunt and dinner on the patio at our house. The kids painted rubber duckies afterwards, and it was a splendid evening.



For Easter Sunday, we took photos of Maisy and Quincy in the garden after church, and then we went to my parents’ for family dinner. I’m eternally grateful that the Savior conquered death and conquered all!



I haven’t talked much about work in my past couple of journal posts, but I think it’s worth mentioning for my record that I found my professional groove again in February and March. I went from considering stopping altogether to once again feeling engaged in what I was doing. I’d felt it wouldn’t be wise to make a major life decision when I wasn’t feeling at all well, and that turned out to be inspired patience. As the weeks progressed, I felt grateful to be enjoying my contributions at Practice Cafe once again. In the days leading up to baby boy’s arrival, I was able to achieve more balance between work and home than I’d had in a long time, and it felt good. I’m lucky to have partners in our business who support me in striving to balance my family and my work. Between Nate and them, I have more professional support than I probably deserve. Speaking of family, here we are enjoying a walk as a family one day in March:


We ended March with some highs and minor lows. For the highs, Tara found out that she was having a baby boy (yay!), I reorganized my pantry (also yay, because I’m a nerd), and we made some spring garden plans with my mom’s help. For the lows, I got a cold, and I was sort of forlorn that Easter had already passed. When Easter falls in March so close to St. Patrick’s Day, the holiday is behind you before you know it. I prefer it when Easter happens in April, but alas the vernal equinox never asks my opinion. To close out the month, here’s a cute shot of Quincy with his beloved little Book of Mormon:


February 2016


I made a calendar note that I took Monday, February 1st off from work to get things in order at home. If life gets too busy and our house gets too messy because of it, my brain starts to sort of shut down. Sometimes I feel like my mind literally mirrors whatever chaos it notices in my immediate environment, at least if the chaos belongs to me or one of the little humans I’m responsible for. I try to maintain a certain level of order in our life and home to hopefully maintain a comparable level of sanity. This sensitivity can be a burdensome trait and I often wish that I could be more easygoing about some things. I do think it’s worth mentioning that I’ve come a long way in relaxing my OCD tendencies since we’ve had kids, but the struggle is still real. If only I could achieve the same level of general relaxation as Quincy in the bath!



Tuesday the 2nd was Groundhog Day, and I was happy that Punxsutawney Phil came out and saw sunshine in my life. The pregnancy nausea that had previously been mostly on repeat finally wained enough by 23 weeks that I could stop taking the anti-nausea meds regularly. What a relief! Heartburn became my new battle, but I’ll take that over nausea any day. Zantac was my new best friend. Sometime in February, Nate and the kids took advantage of the crisp, sunny weather to adventure in the greenbelt.


For our regular day off on Wednesday the 3rd, the kids played while I payed bills. Maisy asked to do some “homework” in a workbook that we’d inherited from Carson, and Quincy drew on his boogie board. Maisy is a proactive learner, which is really a joy for us as her parents, and sometimes Q wants to join in on school.

After lunch, we played with stomp rockets in the backyard and had a lot of fun. I remember the kids doing a pretty good job at taking turns and getting along, which doesn’t always happen, and the weather was delightful. In the late afternoon, Quincy fell asleep on the floor.


He’s been in-between napping and not napping for a long time now, so whether he naps or not depends on his disposition and willingness to nap. Most of the time, he’s too busy (or belligerent) to nap; sometimes, though, he gets so tired that he’ll say, “I beepy, I want go bed…” or “Yay down wid me.” I transferred him to his bed so he could get some good rest. The next note in my calendar was to remind me that Q woke up in a real state. I’m talking a total meltdown. A terrible, horrible, no good, very bad transition out of a nap. For 2 hours! I tried every trick and every bribe that usually works, but nothing did. He just couldn’t snap out of it, poor dude, he kept crying and crying.


On Saturday the 6th, the kids and I went to a friend’s birthday party while Nate went down to San Antonio to the temple. On Sunday the 7th, we we went on a family walk in the afternoon through the “spooky forest,” a wooded path connecting our neighborhood to an adjacent neighborhood.


Also that day, Maisy enjoyed some bocce in the backyard. Our backyard is our happy place!


My parents went to Utah from February 10th to 16th, partially for my dad’s birthday. On Wednesday the 10th, I worked until my parents left. I took the kids to the park in the evening before dinner at Jason’s Deli. Ginger muffins galore, fruit, and mac ’n cheese!


Afterwards, we went back to my parents’ house so the kids could take a bath and Maisy could work on her Valentine’s. It took a long time for her to write all of her friends’ names, but it was worth it for the sense of ownership that she felt.

We slept there so sister wouldn’t be late to her preschool Valentine’s party the next morning. After the party, the kids and I hit up Chick-fil-A for lunch before driving home to beat traffic. I hadn’t slept well the night before, so Nate took the kids on a bike ride while I took a nap. That night, the kids and I went to bed early while Daddy worked late. On Friday the 12th, Quincy went to his Valentine’s party, and Maisy hung out with me at the office. After we picked up Q, we went to the gym to have lunch and finally cancel our membership. Even though I was feeling well enough to stop taking medication around the clock, I still got motion sick easily and didn’t feel well enough to work out. I was a little grumpy at myself for not taking care of this sooner (because the membership had gone mostly wasted for a few months), but oh well. Here’s a good grumpy Maisy face to illustrate:


On Saturday the 13th, I helped other church leaders set up the gym for the youth dance later that evening. From the church, I headed to the mall for some new maternity clothes. Both the seasons and my size were different from my last pregnancy, and I was tired of starting the day frustrated about having nothing to wear that fit me. I went back to the church to help chaperone the youth dinner and dance. They let us go early, so I was happy to get home for some unexpected hangout time with Nate. I know many people spurn or openly mock Valentine’s, but it’s a special anniversary for us so we try to make it as special as we can for the season of life we’re in. Speaking of V-day and love being in the air, when Maisy and Q are getting along, they sure are buds, and we love to see it.



On Monday the 15th (President’s Day), I took down Valentine’s decorations and put up St. Patrick’s decor while the kids played outside. We ran a couple errands in the afternoon, then I made a bunch of chicken taquitos, a handful for dinner and the rest for the freezer. I was determined to fill the freezer for baby day! I hadn’t felt well for a couple days, with a headache, return of nausea, heartburn, and bad sleep, so I went to bed early while Nate did bedtime with the kids. I continued to regularly fall asleep with prayers of gratitude running through my mind for all of Nate’s help. The kids were really good sports, too, and I love this shot of them in the sandbox that Monday morning:


I took the kids to the Apple Store in the afternoon on Tuesday the 16th to get a computer for a new employee. They were disappointed that the kids’ center had been temporarily removed… Oh what a world! In the evening, we did family night since I’d felt poorly the night before. We had spaghetti and then talked about Heavenly Father’s plan of happiness before enjoying popsicles together on the patio. The kids watched a show while I ran to the store for milk, and then I colored with Maisy at the kids’ table before bedtime. It was a good night. Nate teases me for including too much of the minutia of our life in these posts, but I hope that someday our children might want to look back and get a taste of the “everyday” flavor of their childhood, like how Q could basically live in his hanging chair all day everyday.


I worked a long day on Wednesday the 17th since my mom was back. I left the office early on Thursday the 18th, though, because Maisy got the stomach flu. As soon as I think we’re getting a reprieve from constant germ invasion, we’re not. Whomp, whomp. I worked from home on Friday while taking care of Maisy, and I made a note that Nate and I suffered through the new Indiana Jones movie that night. What a bummer to spend your rare and precious movie night time on a dud! We were semi-productive through the weekend, making progress on some projects upstairs, meal planning and grocery shopping, etc. We made a finger painted canvas for Quincy’s room on Saturday:

Maisy was sick on and off, and then Q got sick on Monday. Toddlers and stomach bugs are the worst! Once again I felt like hugging my washing machine! Loads and loads of jammies, towels, and sheets. Here are a couple shots of us cuddling on the couch as we recovered from the yucks:

I went into the office on Wednesday afternoon, trying to catch up on work. The rest of the week, I continued freezer meal prepping and got a few other things checked off my list, including hair cuts for the kids. I actually got on quite a roll with meal planning, which was a refreshing change compared to getting home at night, standing in front of an open fridge and thinking, Hmm, what should we eat for dinner?


Unfortunately, I ended the month getting my own version of the stomach bug. I spent both Saturday and Sunday in bed, oy vey. I was disappointed to miss Maisy’s first talk in Primary, but Nate was there to help her. Here are the words that went with pictures she drew: 1) The scriptures teach us that God is our Heavenly Father, and that He loves us forever.


2) The scriptures tell us about Jesus and how to follow His example. They have His teachings and commandments.


3) The scriptures teach us that when we make a mistake, we can say sorry and repent.


4) The Book of Mormon and the Bible are scriptures about Jesus, His prophets, and Heavenly Father’s plan.


5) Heavenly Father and Jesus want us and our families to be happy.


January 2016


Nate’s brother Jesse and his family made a spontaneous, quick trip down to Austin from Dallas and were in town on New Year’s Day. Quincy was still too sick and possibly contagious, so I stayed home with him while Nate and Maisy went with the family to the Thinkery and to have dinner at the Steeds’ afterwards.



Q took an epic nap with his basketball and stuffed dog while they were gone.

On the way home, Nate and Maisy stopped at the church for our turn cleaning. Maisy felt like a big girl helping.

That weekend, we continued watching the Star Wars movies. We slowly picked away at them until we’d watched them all and could then watch the new one. The kids didn’t really watch them with us, but they were around, playing and popping in and out with swords. Quincy developed a strong preference for the Darth Vader theme song (The Imperial March). For several months at bedtime, he wanted to hold his little Book of Mormon while listening to the Imperial March on repeat as he fell asleep. What a character! We all get a kick out of him.


Maisy went back to preschool on Tuesday, January 5th. I know 3 days a week of 9am preschool isn’t much compared to the rigorous schedules of families with kids in regular school that you need to be on time to, plus extracurricular activities, etc, but I made a note in my calendar that I didn’t feel ready for the holidays and their carefree schedule to be over. At 19 weeks pregnant, I was still feeling lousy more of the time than I cared to and after the holidays, I remember having more challenges than I’d had before getting back into a groove at work. It took me longer to re-engage mentally. I haven’t experienced much “dread of going to work” in my career, so it was a new struggle for me that I tried to push through. While I did that, I also prayerfully checked back in with the Lord to make sure that I was still on the path He wanted me to be on. If it was time for some sort of transition, I didn’t want to miss the indications and promptings in my life that were telling me so. In the end, I felt like I should “put my shoulder to the wheel” and keep working through it. After preschool on the 5th, the kids played in Mimi’s driveway.

They did some trampoline jumping with Kenzie, too.

That evening after work, the kids and I went to dinner with Mom and Kenzie at this Italian place that shares a building with a gas station. Quincy fell asleep in my lap for most of dinner while Maisy was a pasta monster, but then Q woke up and threw one of his post-nap fits, poor guy. I don’t remember the details, but I have a vague recollection of a serving of pasta making its way to the floor along with a wailing child. Luckily there weren’t many other diners to bother.


Here are a few of the other times in January when Quincy man had post-sleep struggles – sometimes he seems to simply have a hard time transitioning:


During our day off on Wednesday the 7th, we played with play dough and I did battle with the laundry.


When laundry piles up and feels burdensome, I remind myself of washing clothes by hand for the duration of my 18-month mission in Brazil, and suddenly I feel more grateful to have a washer and a dryer! On Thursday the 7th, we babysat the daughter of one of Nate’s cousins whose family had recently moved to town. Trudy is about Maisy’s age and the girls have had fun playing when we’ve been able to get together.


The second weekend in January, Nate did tree trimming in the backyard and burned limbs in our fire pit, which we should go out of our way to use more when the weather is cool enough. Kenzie and Joe were in town and were helping us with some stuff around the yard, so my mom and dad came down as well for dinner and a movie.



On Sunday the 10th, I finished taking down Christmas decorations and put up Valentine’s decor. This must’ve been record timing for me! For FHE on Monday the 11th, I made a note that we played Sequence for kids, watched scripture videos and sang songs, and we read Valentine’s books. Maisy really likes to play games, but we don’t do it as often as we probably should because Quincy is more of a game progress destroyer. I know this will (hopefully) get better with time. On that occasion, we were able to keep Maisy busy with the game while we let Q push the game pieces not yet in play through the cracks of the table and onto the floor. The next evening (Tuesday the 12th), I was looking at Quincy and thinking how he was growing into this funny little dude, so I snapped a series of pics to capture the moment. He is full of personality.

That night after dinner, the kids were playing upstairs in the playroom and Maisy’s head had an encounter with a furniture corner. Nate ran upstairs, scooped her up, and carried her downstairs while trying to contain the blood – the head always bleeds more than you think it should for the size of the cut. We got Maisy calmed down and inspected her forehead. By then it was late and we didn’t want to spend half the night in urgent care for stitches, so nurse Tara walked us through the wound care over FaceTime. Luckily we had everything we needed in our first aid stores, and Daddy Doctor did an impressive job cleaning and closing the cut while Mommy held Maisy. We ended the night with a dose of children’s pain medicine and M getting to sleep in our bed. Maisy’s hair covers up the scar, which is very faint anyways, so I’d actually forgotten she had it until writing this up.


As good as Daddy is at first aid, he’s even better at making fun happen, including forts.

For our day off on Wednesday the 13th, the kids and I made a visiting teaching stop in the late morning, and we met at Chick-fil-A for lunch and another visit. Back at home while Quincy napped, Maisy painted a picture for her bedroom along with some mini canvases for her Barbie house.

After Q woke up, we headed to a park so I could be visit taught while kiddos played, and then we braved Target. I made spaghetti for dinner, still easing back into cooking. After cleaning up, I was thoroughly exhausted and rather sick feeling from overdoing it. When I’m not pregnant, I try to remember that it’s a real blessing to be able to have a full day of work or activities and whatever else without inevitably ending up with an upset stomach.

Nate went to Phoenix for a conference Thursday the 14th to Saturday the 16th. In different circumstances I would’ve packed up the kids and spent those nights at my parents’ house to eliminate our commute, but it was too important to my 20-week or so pregnant self to sleep in my own bed. Plus Laney was in town for the first night, and out of town sisters should always get first dibs on guest bedrooms at the parents’ house. Quincy also prefers to sleep in his own bed at night, but Maisy has always been pretty flexible when it comes to traveling. Just one of many traits that we appreciate about our Chicken Little, not the least of which is her imagination and endearing silliness.


As Maisy gets older, it’s a joy to be a part of her growth and progress. It’s also a relief as a parent of small children when one of them starts doing more things for themselves, such as undressing and dressing. One morning when Maisy had gotten herself undressed for the bath, Nate and I laughed at the location she chose to hang her panties. Either that or she’d haphazardly thrown them and they landed on Nate’s phone charger.


On Saturday the 16th, Maisy went to a birthday party for a little girl in her Primary class at church. Quincy had fallen asleep in the car, so I waited in the parking lot of the kids’ gym during the party while he slept, working on an email to a missionary friend. Maisy is very fond of her friends in Primary. That evening, we had dinner at Jason’s Deli (always a safe bet for me when pregnant) and watched a movie with Kenzie and Joe. After church on Sunday the 17th, we walked through some of the new houses being built in our neighborhood. Then, Nate hung a bunch of stuff on the walls upstairs in the kids’ rooms, which I was still putting together after the room shuffle back in November. We drove up to my parents’ house for dinner that evening. Maisy drew this picture of Nate and me at church that Sunday, and I love how M draws Nate’s hair. She’s sort of gotten into the habit of drawing all men with curly hair, and I hope she always uses her dad as the standard to judge men.


On Monday the 18th, we went to Chick-fil-A for lunch and then to the circus with Tara, Tyson, Carson, and Kenzie. Aside from the overly commercial nature of the circus, it was a fun afternoon! My kids ran out of gas before the elephants and the guys who ride motorcycles around in spherical cages, but that was fine because those are probably the parts I wouldn’t have approved of anyways. We left early and the kids fell asleep in the car on the way home.

Quincy was so tuckered out and I should mention still not back to full health, so he had a mammoth sleep that night. Nate and I took advantage of his early bedtime by watching some Downton Abbey after Nate practiced hula hooping with Maisy. Our girl has become quite the accomplished hula hooper. All I have are videos of her hula hooping, so I should get a picture one of these days. After work on Tuesday the 19th, the kids talked Poppy into reading them stories.


Maisy likes it when she can get anyone to read to her, including Carson.


For my day off on Wednesday the 20th, we stayed home. The kids played while I worked on the mess of the upstairs closets. I mentioned before how I’d junked everything in them for the painting. By mid-January, I’d made pretty good progress on the rest of upstairs that had been rearranged and redecorated, but I hadn’t touched the closets. I knew it was probably going to be a big chore, and it was! I made a note in my calendar that I completely exhausted myself again and ended the night feeling ill. I should learn from previous mistakes and be more careful with my gestational energy (or lack thereof), but days off are precious and at more than halfway through my pregnancy, I felt like my list of things still to do was longer than the time I had left. I snapped this photo of Q sometime that day, and I love his face:


On Friday the 22nd, I needed to pick something up in Round Rock after work for a friend, so I took advantage of already being in the area and went to Ikea with the kids. We had a short list of items I wanted there for the nursery and elsewhere in the house. I can honestly say that both kids were pleasant shopping companions who didn’t run away from me at every turn.

I had a pretty sick feeling weekend, but I went to a preparedness fair that our stake Relief Society put on in the late morning of Saturday the 23rd. I don’t often make it to the weeknight RS activities for a variety of reasons mostly related to being a working mom, so I was glad for the chance to make it to this one. I enjoyed the classes and ideas that I made note of. Later that afternoon, Maisy painted a birdhouse that she and Daddy had built together.


I stayed home from church the next day still feeling poorly. I rebounded and the next couple of days were normal with work, lunch with friends, a play date and preschool for Maisy, and a doctor appointment for me. On Wednesday the 27th, I’m not surprised to read in my calendar that I exhausted myself yet again. We went to lunch and the Thinkery with friends before I organized the office closet, did the dishes, picked up toys from what felt like every floor surface of the house, and I moved several loads of laundry in between all that. Closets seem to have been a January theme, and my nesting was only gaining momentum.


To end that tiring day off, Quincy threw a baseball at my face with surprising force and gave me a bit of a bloody nose. I remember being pretty put out at the time, but it’s rather humorous to think back on now. I don’t believe Buster Brown meant to hit me in the face, but you never know with him.

On Saturday the 30th, I had church training in the morning followed by a baby shower for an old family friend, and then Tara and I hit up Ikea again. I admit it, I love that place. Nate, the kids, and I met up with the Blankenbergs in the evening for dinner and a family date at the bounce house. The kids ran around having fun and trying to keep track of each other while the adults chatted. They have kiddos basically the same ages as all of ours so far, and we’ve been good friends since we were both newlyweds, so it’s a perfect matchup. I wish we were able to get together more often. Unfortunately this was the best pic we got of the night:


On Sunday the 31st, we used an extra gingerbread house that didn’t make it into our Christmas schedule and turned it into a Valentine’s house. And into February we went!